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[map] 2 dynamic models of Ford 8 new transit official figure – Sohu [] on the new car car Sohu, Jiangling Ford officially announced a set of domestic new generation transit car official figure, the new car will be launched short axis low top and axial top two dimensions a total of 8 models, according to the use divided into Van (freight) and Kombi (van). In terms of power, the new car will provide 2.0T gasoline and 2.0T diesel two powertrain options. Appearance: the design of the new generation transit without using the overseas edition models, with European style is similar to the way rui. Before and after the new generation transit bumpers are used in black under siege, four wheel steel wheels, rear door for opening design, the overall style is more practical. Body size: domestic new transit offers 2 wheelbase, 4 body height, the short axis and axis in the low top top models differ markedly, and each version of the Van and Kombi also slightly different. [Kombi Van] in the top axis; short axis [Van] low top Kombi; interior: the interior of the overall black color, console layout is clear and concise, seat fabric coating, interior style is also consistent with the vehicle positioning oriented to practical. Power: the new domestic gasoline and diesel transit will be equipped with two 2.0T engine, the maximum output power of 2.0T gasoline engine of 203 horsepower (149 kW), the maximum output power of 2.0T diesel engine with 121 horsepower (89 kW). (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: