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[best] the restaurant back to the lake water pestle, burning passion and Qiandao Lake – Sohu is now Hangzhou City area, Hangzhou is the back garden, remember last December Hangzhou haze storm PM2.5 straight Biao more than 300 of the time, when the mother’s heart is very fear, when the surrounding Qiandao Lake is actually a. A non red warning area, only PM2.5 only 68. So we always like to go to Qiandao Lake, even if it’s just a weekend…… G20 summit approaching, Hangzhou is now the air quality is excellent, really hope that this is not only because of a meeting in a hurry. Another reason to Qiandao Lake, because everything — hungry belly too love Qiandao Lake fish soup. Every time I go to Qiandao Lake to eat big fish. A summer weekend at random, invite a few households better than family, and of ~ this time, our local friend’s recommendation, the evening went to a store in the water "". Shuidui, Han old agricultural implements, a hydraulic rice husking tool. This newly opened theme restaurant, from the name to the decoration are the main style of nostalgia. The red brick walls, hats, clothing, in the courtyard of the bridges, stone mortar, shop waitress with blue and white surplice sweater, a waiter with black and red side double breasted shirt, make people feel the real into the once years, from the boss to the waiter to feel real Kang sincere. The little girl in the atrium swings, so a bell like laughter in the hall…… The dishes are very unique, mark the past story. In the last century, because of the huge gap between the rich and the poor, the people’s livelihood has brought peace and harmony to the people, let us miss, it is a red world outlook and a simple belief. Yingbin Road, the sweet taste of the walnut seeds per table seating will be the first donation of. Shuidui tea fragrant, go and stir fried pork tea oil, tea flavor into the meat, very crisp. Lichen scrambled eggs, authentic farmhouse dishes. Copper pots clam, with mushroom and clam with boiled clam meat, very satisfied, it is also very delicious soup, day to eat fish head soup, especially at night the two pepper big fish taste is not the same, did not expect to end up the scene so domineering, delicious, everyone around the table out of the mobile phone mhmm PO sun circle of friends. Qiandao Lake organic fish head is the most important feature of a little soil fishy, especially meat fresh, double pepper with cooking, make meat special flavor, match hand appearance, smooth. The main course is naturally invincible. Spicy lamb on the table has been kids took a few blocks, so it looks less, this small sheep is to eat hot, especially crispy, watching a bunch of red pepper, but in fact the spicy taste is just perfect. The old vinegar braised chicken, is the exclusive secret private y相关的主题文章: