Commission informed the punishment of three cases of private placement agencies to promote illegal p 残清1864

The Commission informed the three cases of punishment of illegal and fined 2 private institutions to promote the Sohu news "modern agricultural equipment" 2013, the first half of 2014 profit 43 million 610 thousand yuan; 2 private institutions to promote illegal fined Beijing News (reporter Zhang Quanwei) in November 11th, the Commission held a news conference, spokesman Zhang Xiaojun informed the administrative punishment results of three cases, involving three new board listed company and private institutions. At the same time, according to Zhang Xiaojun’s report, the Commission promulgated the "guide" the securities and futures industry information system audit of financial industry standards, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Regulations" management and supporting the futures investor protection fund. The new board of modern agricultural equipment received the 400 thousand ticket according to the Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun bulletin, punished three cases including 1 cases of illegal information disclosure cases and 2 cases of private equity fund illegal case, three penalty objects involved are the new board listed companies of modern agricultural equipment investment and private institutions; Qingyuan cloud investment. Informed that the modern agricultural equipment Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as modern agricultural equipment), in the preparation of the 2013, the 2014 semi annual report, provision for bad debts of accounts receivable is not sufficient, resulting in 2013, the first half of 2014 a total profit of 17 million 160 thousand yuan were multi meter and 26 million 450 thousand yuan; the end of 2014, a wholly owned subsidiary of modern agricultural equipment inventory impairment provision is not sufficient, resulting in the total corporate profits more than 13 million 840 thousand yuan total annual report 2014. In addition, the modern farming in 2013, the annual report in 2014, did not fully disclose the relevant information between the state and the state of the association between the limited liability company, deposit and loan business. Zhang Xiaojun said, according to the relevant provisions of the "Securities Law", the Commission decided to modern agricultural equipment shall be ordered to correct, given a warning and imposed a fine of 400 thousand yuan; to give a warning to the chairman Li Shujun, chief financial officer Zhang Hai and other executives, and were sentenced to 30 thousand to 50 thousand yuan. The other two cases punished to two private equity funds. According to the briefing, "Qingyuan investment" and "investment system" through the company’s website, introduction of fund products to specific social publicity. Among them, Qingyuan investment to non qualified investors and investment in cloud sales; failing to investors for effective risk assessment, and not in accordance with the agreement of the relevant formalities. Two private equity funds and their heads were fined 20 thousand -3 million, and was warned. Zhang Xiaojun said that in the case of violations of securities laws and regulations, the destruction of the market order, we must resolutely crack down. The Commission will continue to disclose information on illegal, private equity fund companies and other illegal acts to maintain a high pressure situation". Bursts of two documents perfect "futures" market the 11 day of the conference, Zhang Xiaojun informed the Commission and Ministry of Finance jointly issued the revised "futures investor protection fund management Interim Measures" and related regulations, and from the date of 30 days after the implementation of. According to the briefing, the revised content mainly includes the deletion of specific provisions on the protection of the scale of the fund, clearly lowered the futures exchange.相关的主题文章: