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Industrial Investment: non US Zhangshengyipian focused terrorist data & Yellen speech Thursday the euro dollar euro dollar from two and a half months to pick up a low end triple negative, the highest on the exploration of 1.1057 to 1.1047. Overnight dollar index fell from a four month high to provide a chance for the euro rebound. China’s weak trade data makes the market worried about the Fed’s interest rate outlook, the dollar index fell. Germany announced in September the euro area CPI inflation data in line with expectations, the euro also has a supporting role. Recently the European Central Bank [micro-blog] will gradually reduce the size of the QE rumors continue. According to a recent survey, the ECB will keep monetary policy interest rate decision next week and will remain unchanged, after the rate decision on December announced QE plans until March 2017. It will also decide whether the plan will continue to be implemented after March. But before that, the rumors may still have a negative impact on the euro. Today focus on the United States in September PPI and core PPI annual rate and the month of September retail sales rate data. If the data is strong, the euro is expected to decline; whereas the euro’s decline will be further eased. Finally, Yellen’s speech should be taken seriously. Daily from 2 month lows, but as a correction. 4 hour chart is far lower than the 20SMA exchange rate and the exchange rate fell, the recent decline in the 38.2% retracement level below 1.1070, technical indicators from oversold rebound, to maintain the upward slope is negative, suggesting limited demand of the euro. 1 hour chart support near 1.10 slightly higher, but the rebound is not strong momentum, short-term may continue to decline after repair. Support: 1.0995 1.0960 1.1070 1.1120 1.0920 resistance: 1.1160 pounds sterling dollar dollar also end triple negative, rebounded slightly to 1.22 above the mark, the British "hard off Europe" concerns limit the pound rose. Because the market is worried that the UK will completely abandon the single market access to the EU, in order to maximize the control of its borders, the so-called "hard to take off europe". Some analysts said that the British government on the terms of the withdrawal of the European terms of the contradiction, the confidence of investors, the pound may easily fall 5% to 1.18. Still no more can pay attention to data today sterling, can be a little attention in Britain in August the construction industry production rate per annum. In addition, the United Kingdom will soon be held in the first hearing of the European Court of justice, the court is considering in the absence of parliamentary law can trigger the fiftieth Lisbon, the hearing will continue until October 18th. Investors also need to focus on the outcome of the hearing, the results will have a significant impact on the pound. Technically, 20SMA is located in the flat above chart, technical indicators keep positive region, but lack of direction. The 4 hour chart exchange rate rebound to crash near 20SMA, suppressed uplink. Technical indicators rose in the middle of the line, support further rise to 1.3220, constitute short-term resistance, such as the break will rise to 1.240.相关的主题文章: