Volvo will sell driverless car technology to other automakers (video) 纪元1701

Volvo will sell driverless car technology Tencent Francisco September 7th to other car manufacturers, Volvo will work with the Swedish car safety belt and airbag supplier market (Autoliv) companies, the development of unmanned software, and the results of these studies will be sold to other car manufacturers. This cooperation is also the first to open the car manufacturers and the first class suppliers to develop unmanned vehicle technology precedent. Through this cooperation, Volvo and America will have their driverless car software development and intellectual property rights transfer to the establishment of the joint venture parties. The joint venture will initially employ 200 employees (both from Volvo and Market America Inc) and is expected to grow to more than $more than and 600 in the future. The new joint venture will be based at Volvo’s headquarters in Goteborg, Sweden (Gothenburg). So far, most automobile manufacturers have maintained the independent research and development of unmanned vehicle technology used, and these technology strictly confidential. However, Volvo will be the new joint venture company, to its own unmanned vehicle technology provided to other car manufacturers, and the income will be shared between Volvo and america. Through cooperation, the two companies Volvo and America will be the automotive intellectual property rights their unmanned transferred to the new joint venture company, and one that will serve as the exclusive supplier of all research and development technology, in order to supply these technologies to outside companies (and Volvo will be directly from the joint venture company to purchase these technology). Volvo had a reputation for research and development and innovation in security technology, and the company will also provide these technologies to other car manufacturers. Perhaps, Volvo still believes that driverless is an important security feature, and is willing to give up the technology to bring their own competitive advantage. Of course, unlike Volvo’s three point belt, the driverless car technology will not be free for other car manufacturers. (compile Jin Quan) video recommendation technology [] 265 minutes a meow meow iPhone review of ancient models相关的主题文章: