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The Bank of Japan yen wonderful show will be staged trends attention – Sohu following the Bank of Japan is likely to discuss financial options: negative interest rates in a Bloomberg survey of economists believe that the Bank of Japan to take action the most likely choice is further reduced the negative interest rate. The application of the interest rate is part of the commercial bank deposit reserve in the Bank of Japan, currently -0.1%. January, the Bank of Japan announced the implementation of negative interest rates to consumers shocked, and triggered a rebound in the financial sector, since the interest rate has not been adjusted. Central bank officials in recent weeks have hinted that there is room for further interest rate cuts, although some critics have criticized the financial institutions, or even undermine the economic boom. In a speech earlier this month, the Bank of Japan governor Kuroda Higashihiko (Haruhiko Kuroda) reiterated that there is still enough room to cut interest rates. Take measures to steep yield curve of the Bank of Japan has recognized the potential cost of unconventional policies, prompting speculation that the central bank is likely to seek a steeper yield curve, so as to alleviate the impact of negative interest rates of financial institutions. The BoJ said any changes in the monetary policy framework would not result in the withdrawal of stimulus measures. As a result, it will continue to commit to buying 80 trillion yen a year. However, the central bank also hopes to steep its view that the bond yield curve is too flat, that the curve is too flat to undermine the role of financial intermediation. One way is to buy less of the ultra long term bonds, the purchasing power concentrated in the medium and short term bonds, but this may exacerbate the shortage of short-term debt situation. Another option would be to change the target of 80 trillion yen to an interval, or to modify the average duration of the pledged bonds. Japan’s central bank will maintain its 2% inflation target by using a clearer look ahead, but it has abandoned a timetable set for two years before it was set up two years ago. At present, the central bank promised to maintain the policy of ultra loose unchanged until stable to achieve the 2% inflation target. The Bank of Japan may modify the wording to strengthen its commitment to maintain a loose monetary policy for a long time, it is possible to set a clearer, more stringent stimulus withdrawal conditions. Expand the purchase of bonds due to the negative interest rate policy is not popular, the Bank of Japan if the need for easing, it may continue to follow the path of expanding debt purchase. But the possibility is very small, because the Bank of Japan is very clear how much it can expand the bank’s debt purchase plan has swallowed 1/3 of the Japanese bond market. Informed sources said earlier this month, if the monetary policy committee of the Bank of Japan decided to overweight stimulus efforts, some officials still tend to increase purchases of Japanese bonds. Informed sources pointed out that, for expanding the overall easing open to members, which in the end is the use of a single measure, or take effect measures the best decision, officials disagree. Some economists believe that, in order to achieve greater flexibility, the Bank of Japan may also expand the monetary base and the purchase of Japanese government bonds from the target to determine the number of adjustments to the interval. With the helicopter"相关的主题文章: