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The annual season is approaching ahead of the layout of high transfer market 20 shares have the potential to Sina App: Live on-line blogger on a guiding team you make you get to the end you can let you satisfy a craving, over speculation drama, the annual market is approaching, and one of the important branches, high transfer market, but also into the people’s vision. Market participants pointed out that in October, three quarterly will be intensive debut, and the performance of listed companies throughout the year, and so on, there are basically a few. In November, there are a lot of companies have continued to disclosure gaosongzhuan notice, therefore, to the layout of the 2016 annual report of high transfer market, from now on the line. In fact, beginning in mid September, the market has been in the capital preheating. Kingland shares (002722) continued to rise, is expected gaosongzhuan hype. October layout of the high transfer to send the reason why so much attention by the market funds, because every year to a few waves. Uomnilamp (300506), the night of July 27th published in the newspaper and distribution methods, intends to transfer 10 15 shares, the next day shortly after the opening of trading, as of August 24th, less than a month, from 48.71 yuan rose to 120.85 yuan (after the resumption of the exercise price), the cumulative increase of more than 100%. The number of the report to be 10 to 30 Tianrun Entertainment (002113), intends to send 10 to 5 to 25 shares of Huangshanghuang (002695) also had a good performance. The annual report of 2015 launched gaosongzhuan company, developed into a big bull stock company, is beyond count, Prudential shares (300023), click (002782), is the market of hot pursuit. High feed conversion speculation, can be divided into three stages. The first stage — a period, a list of the A-share market will have the potential, followed by speculation; the second stage – disclosure period, stock plan unveiled, funds often swarmed into the room, a large fry an; the third stage – Tianquan, and throw up a wave of rise after the ex dividend of tianquan. While the high feed conversion degree sought, usually is closely related with the trend. In the bull market, high feed conversion often blowout. In the bear market, the main force only dare to sneak out. 20 companies have the potential to Shen Wanhongyuan (000166) pointed out that if the establishment of gaosongzhuan prediction model, which takes into account the factors including: capital reserves, undistributed profits, shares, equity, listed time, increase, time shares, a report gaosongzhuan, EPS, recently lifted shares of listed non mechanism for many years without gaosongzhuan etc.. Changjiang Securities (000783) to send high distribution of shares is analyzed, pointed out that during the 2011-2015 five years, 1099 companies of all 1396 gaosongzhuan, only 23.6% of the listed companies are repeat gaosongzhuan; two continuous gaosongzhuan accounted for a very small, the average level of 2.6%. According to eliminate duplicate gaosongzhuan, greater than or equal to 3 yuan per capital surplus, retained earnings per share 1-2 yuan, relative market value in the 1 billion yuan ~30 million range, relative price in 5 yuan ~20 yuan range, in 5 years listed on相关的主题文章: