Net loan industry average interest rate fell nearly two years 53%- Sohu Technology 残清1864

Net loan industry average interest rate fell nearly two years in science and technology 53%- Sohu financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual borrowing needs under the background of rising in recent years, the net loan industry came into being, and gradually move toward legal regulation from the gray area. August 24th Interim Measures for the management of the net loan was officially announced, also declared that individuals, corporate net loan limit officially settled. Own reshuffle intensified, the interest rate decline in the environment, the net loan industry interest rates are gradually returning to reason. 52 platform per capita borrowing amount of 10 million net loan home announced net loan industry data show that in 2016 in July through the net loan platform for the borrower’s loan amount of $158 thousand and 600 per capita. From this point of view, the current industry does not exceed the amount of personal loans per person, enterprises should be 200 thousand yuan and a single platform of $1 million loan limit. However, the Beijing News reporter found that after the prescribed limit landing, according to the July net loan platform transaction data, the total per capita loan amount of 52 platform of more than 10 million yuan, and 5 million yuan in 10 million yuan between platform number is as high as 34. While some of the larger number of borrowers, the larger the net loan platform per capita loan amount is relatively low. The number of borrowers with the top five of the platform, pat the loan, Lu Jin, Lego box, love money and the per capita net favorable loans amounted to 3 thousand yuan, 52 thousand yuan, 3 thousand and 100 yuan, 15 thousand and 600 yuan and 9 thousand and 900 yuan. It is worth noting that, in recent years, net loan platform per capita loan amount showed a gradual downward trend. Net loan home statistics show that in 2014 the per capita borrowing amount of up to 312 thousand and 200 yuan by the end of January was only $170 thousand yuan. While the number of investment growth slowed down the amount of per capita loans, while the net loan industry in 2014 has been a decline in the amount of investment per capita. Data show that in 2014 the net loan industry per capita investment amount of 68 thousand and 500 yuan in January, and this year will be hovering around $50 thousand, as of July was only $52 thousand and 500. As of July 2016, the total number of net loan platform for 4160, of which the normal operation of the platform for the 2281. The number of investments and loans were 3 million 481 thousand and 900 and 1 million 153 thousand and 900. With the increase in net loan platform, the number of loans continued to increase. 2014 in January, the number of net loan industry is only 37 thousand and 700 people, and this year, the number of loans from the rapid increase of 747 thousand and 700 in the number of 54%. But the increase in demand at the same time, investor enthusiasm gradually diminished, according to Beijing News reporter statistics, this year, the number of investors increased by only 20%. Industry reshuffle intensified, interest rates decline, net loan industry interest rates are gradually returning to reason. In the first half of this year, P2P net loan industry investment rate showed a slow downward trend. Zero one Finance issued the P2P lending industry report shows that in June P2P lending industry average interest rate of 9.99%, compared with the average rate of 10.04% in May, down 0.05%. Data show that in 2014 2 Peng相关的主题文章: