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When the mother why so "injustice", why can’t cry in front of the child? The author | happy mother mother – Sohu said Kai tert kaishushuo in the face of the child crying, as if reflects his own weakness. And what is the relationship? As long as it is true, there is no big deal. What we should do is to show the true emotion. There’s no need to force yourself to be a role model. Gao Daquan, it’s not true. Cry, tell the child why cry, it is already perfect. It’s not a sin to cry for a man, but a woman, too. Did you cry in front of the baby? May wish to talk about in the message? The district Liuwan, see jingle Ma, a long time not see her haggard face a lot, take a lot of acne, I could not help but concern: "how are you? Don’t look too good." She seemed to be seen through the window, and she was telling the truth that she was playing with her children. There is a relationship between the original jingle mother excellent bestie, last week to go into the mountain tourism in the car accident, died on the spot. Sudden accident, let the bell mother grief. A mother feeble said: "I feel good, but not when the jingle face cry, every day I have to show as much as possible, don’t let Dingdang see." "Why can’t you see you cry?" I was so surprised. She said, "you do not understand," the expression, certainly, said: "of course not, he is still small, I would be scared." But it’s too bad! With children, do we even have a normal vent can not have it? Such a heavy love, do you think the child can afford it? In fact, even if we do not cry, the sharp child will find our anomaly. We will be absent-minded, no spirit, so quite different, can make children more confused. We only really happy, happy will be passed on to the children and the other half, which is not a can do. So, don’t and to portray itself as a "Ninja Turtles", express their honest, when we see their needs, set up his mood, will it be possible to give more love to your family. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we can vent our feelings without having to suppress our emotions. Work at home for children wronged, ignore, or even upset to bang he left your room; dragging the child to go out, you can not help but yelled at him, pulled him rudely to his clothes Huanxie; children are always annoying you groan and moan, picked up his ass. hit up. This is out of control, I believe that every parent has experienced. Emotions are venting, and they don’t feel better. And rational expression, speak well, but can help us feel better. These days, to buy happy watercolor paints and brushes, she got up every morning the first thing is to draw, enthusiasm. Today almost to the end, she suddenly prompted by a sudden impulse to draw on the wall, I reminded her: I love you don’t draw on the wall, I hope you can draw on the paper -相关的主题文章: