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Shutdown is not afraid! Apple will upgrade the find my iPhone- Sohu digital Apple launched the "find my iPhone" has been a long time, but for those who lost mobile phone in terms of this functionality is chicken ribs. According to the United States CNBC reported that Apple has applied for a new patent, specifically upgrade find my iPhone feature. Apple will upgrade to find my iPhone         when the user is enabled to find my iPhone feature, the phone will automatically report location information. But the thief in order to avoid being tracked, will immediately shut down or unplug the SIM card, so that this function will fail. But Apple has applied for a new patent, even if the iPhone is turned off, the user can activate the find my iPhone feature.         patent documents show that the mobile phone will automatically send data to the host specific address, only need to connect to the wireless network and via a predetermined communication method (including SMS, email or other message). The user can then locate on the map, or locate the last known location based on the iPhone data.         patent also describes, iPhone will launch a special internal timer, automatically open the find my iPhone function every time, location information to the main machine sends the current mobile phone, then automatically shut down, later will send the latest information on timing recovery, until you find. It is assumed that users can customize the functionality in iOS.相关的主题文章: