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He Junjie: with the Internet technology to build ecological system to provide one-stop service – Auto Sohu [editor’s note] the Guangzhou auto show in 2016 November 18th officially kicked off, the show featured 1130 vehicles, 19 sets of concept cars, the world’s first car 56 units, of which multinational companies start 7 sets. A total of 146 new energy vehicles, of which domestic enterprises exhibition car, Taiwan, foreign enterprises exhibition car 97 units of 49. Sohu cars will be the first time for you to show the car industry feast. The following is an interview with He Junjie, President of Changan Ford Motor Co., ltd.. Changan Ford Automobile Co., Ltd. President He Junjie Sohu car: this year’s Guangzhou auto show, Changan Ford to the lineup of exhibitors, what is the biggest bright spot? He Junjie: very good question, this year brought the whole car lineup, several aspects, including the family car Fawkes and fortune Rui, these two cars sales are very good, reaching a record high. In addition to our flagship model luxury car taurus. Especially Ford is the highlight of the new Mondeo, the new Mondeo collocation of a series of high-tech configuration, on behalf of the chi, Chi Qing, Zhaopin "trend. The new Mondeo equipped with a hybrid, is of great help to fuel economy, we have a new connection configuration called the Ford group. Ford faction can be a good driver and car to connect, you can through the application of the system, directly open the vehicle, you can lock the car, so as to make a good connection with the vehicle. The next is to emphasize the application of Ford group, it is not only an application, it created the entire ecosystem, Ford can be sent through 24 hours a day to contact us ambassador Ford, if you encounter problems, can timely get the solution to the problem. There is a SUV family, from small to large in SUV SUV, including the wing stroke, Maverick and sharp boundary. In addition, Ford Chinese imported SUV our booth, can greatly increase the coverage of SUV, including the explorers and Jiangling production way can shake, China customers at all levels required for SUV products. Ford has a very long history of SUV, more than 50 years. Now through a series of SUV, we can prove that we have a full range of SUV family. More exciting is the performance of the car. CTCC has achieved 9 crowns over the last 11 years, and Ford China has imported superior products, including Mustang and F150, we have very many, very rich products. In our showroom and VR experience area, we can feel good. Sohu: Changan Ford this year’s sales situation is like? He Junjie: Changan Ford 1-10 sales this year, an increase of 14% year on year, the growth of the strong growth of Fawkes and fortune, the current brand has set up two products. Why Fawkes did so well, because the brand in the market has a very long history, and the positioning is very accurate, very good, very good, and so on. Fu Rui sell particularly well, the whole shape, interior, space and configuration is done very well. Our quality is also very.相关的主题文章: