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Xiamen tzengtsu Wai village, by what popular cover [eleven] – Sohu – Gulangyu Islet tourism National Day Gulangyu Islet this year, because of the limiting, the island visitors dropped. In contrast, a small fishing village in Xiamen tzengtsu is "A new force suddenly rises. incredibly hot.". In October 2nd, here a sudden influx of nearly 100 thousand visitors, more than the same period last year, 350, the overall occupancy rate of over 90%, many early Inn hang out "no room" brand. Some people say, tzengtsu "clone" of Gulangyu Islet, in fact. The cultural heritage of Gulangyu Islet, not just imitate. So, what exactly is this small fishing village charm to attract popularity, yesterday, I once again came to be known as the "gorgeous" is tzengtsu, see indeed dazzling, and there were… Ten years ago was unknown to the public. The tzengtsu Wenchuang leisure fishing village, now Xiamen has become the most one of the most popular tourist destination. The tourism landmark, I described earlier this year: tzengtsu (Zeng CuO an), the original ecological village in Xiamen is the only extant most perfect, there are many family hotels, Youth Hostel, exotic cafe, restaurant and individual shops gathered here, walk from here to the road around the island on the beach, only a few minutes walk to the Xiamen University, only a few points. Have been to Xiamen people should know, tzengtsu Wai compared and Gulangyu Islet, much is a quiet and calm. Scattered in the street alley of the family hotel, the house layout are not the same, to give people a warm feeling. There are different styles of the size of the courtyard, in the afternoon tea quietly in the sun reading novels or movies, enjoy, or to the roof terrace overlooking the distant scenery of the sea breeze blow. I saw yesterday is a small fishing village crowded, Wen Qing was replaced by the noisy commercial atmosphere, this "mutiny" is not a response. Now the tzengtsu is chowhound "paradise", shops along the street is mostly took all kinds of strange name of the snack bar, many are showing a "Taiwan delicacy", this is the most flavor, chowhound love. "The eighteen lane" five street is the local people on the streets of tzengtsu summary. State Street, Zhongshan street, the street, the village street, Church Street, flagpole street, commercial street is the most tzengtsu major. That is a commercial street, is in fact before the village of several main streets, there is a legacy of the past old name. Now, each street is occupied various ports. The first into the cafe had ancestral hall, had sparked controversy. Now in front of the tide, it is so low-key, Mozhun is looking forward to a "shock", zailingfengsao. In addition to food, here, is located in the ten years of time, such as the mushrooming of hundreds of hotels, each with style, each has a mood, but the price is much cheaper than Gulangyu Islet. Tzengtsu Wenchuang leisure fishing village inn is mostly in the original houses rebuilt, with strong roots, and like this "tall" join the race, saw is undoubtedly becoming increasingly prominent business opportunities. Tzengtsu or a beauty infested areas of high incidence, not.相关的主题文章: