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The man did not take a hair salon at the theft of cash only caught argued that the original title: man late into the salon theft did not take a cash only caught argued the stone surnamed the evening of September 6th into the salon to steal 8 ximending was unsuccessful, Wanhua Branch police arrested for questioning. Taiwan news network reporter Xu Jiayu photo Beijing, September 9, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that Taipei ximending, a hair salon by unidentified men broke into the day before, did not expect the thief for a desk drawer, not take away. Wanhua Wuchang Street police station police station after receiving a report on the afternoon of 8 will be arrested for questioning suspects surnamed shi. The police asked Stone male motivation, he can’t find a job that was short of money, think of who visited the salon, luck into the burglary, but because the store cash has been removed, so go away. After the police inquiry in theft suspect will be brought to justice stone. Police said the 26 year old man surnamed Shi 5 days this month from Nantou north, Xining road hotel occupancy, late at night in Wuchang he walk through the streets, walking along the road to Xining Road intersection on the building, take the elevator into the 3 floor to the salon, counter rummaging property, but did not find the cash. During the period, he inadvertently installed infrared shop, the alarm suddenly rang, stone men fear clerk returns, immediately fled the scene, the second day he check out to find his girlfriend beitou. Police pointed out that on the morning of 6 salon clerk found the shop being sneaked into the burglary, alarm processing, monitor screen display, suspected of stealing the disappeared in Xining Road near the roadway. The police speculated that stone will visit again, sent around the ambush view, he was 8 more than 4 pm in Kunming street and Luoyang Street appeared, the police immediately arrested him in custody. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: