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Sports is the future of China’s auto market? It can give some answers – Sohu car since 2013, with the introduction of the "Chi Chi blue sky" technology and "soul movement" design of the product, Changan Mazda sales in China has maintained two digit growth. 2016 in the first half, Changan Mazda 1-8 month sales totaled over 110 thousand, an increase of over 20%, reaching $24%. Among them, the first 7 months of this year, Changan Mazda successfully reached a total of 100 thousand sales. In the domestic car market has entered a slow growth of the environment, Changan Mazda sales performance continues to accelerate, fully demonstrated the characteristics of the boutique strategy outstanding results. In September 2nd, Changan Mazda with "soul Gemini" – Mazda CX-5 (CX-5), Mazda3 Axela angkesaila (hereinafter called angkesaila) unveiled at the show. Top of the booth, angkesaila is undoubtedly one of the most attractive models. Angkesaila has a "soul" shape, "Chong Chi blue" engine, gearbox, chassis and body gives one people control performance and safety performance. The latest MZD CONNECT Wyatt system allows people to communicate experience more convenient and efficient. Last month CTCC angkesaila racing events, following the NanJing Railway Station made in the first "Chinese Cup" Group Fourth, fifth and won the club champion, in Korea showed up on the third throne. Excellent chassis tuning and firm grip that angkesaila on the curve’s performance better, whether or sensitivity stability has a good performance. This show, angkesaila chariot once again came to the booth, attracted a large crowd of fans. The platform also has a dazzling "CX-5 car is a new realm of SUV". CX-5 has a Chong Chi blue sky 2.0L, 2.5L two gold combination of power, power parameters leading the same level. The damping system of high strength lightweight body design, the new upgrade, bring state safe and comfortable driving experience. At the same time, CX-5 is also equipped with Mazda’s latest initiative security technology i-ACTIVSENSE intelligent security assistance system, including SCBS low speed brake assist system, BSM blind spot monitoring system, RCTA reversing warning system. Angkesaila and CX-5 shows the future development direction of China selling market models more sports oriented. In recent years, Changan Mazda sales and visibility grow together, lay a solid foundation for rapid development of enterprises. After nearly 10 years of continuous practice and innovation, Changan Mazda gradually formed a sound quality control system, to ensure that each product can achieve the characteristics of high-quality models standard. (nineteenth Chengdu international auto show special report)相关的主题文章: