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South to North Water Diversion of water for nearly two years   5 billion cubic meters of water to bring what? The middle – environmental protection — a project through the water diversion since more than and 600 days, water 5 billion cubic meters, benefiting about 40000000 residents of Beijing Tianjin Hebei henan. With a drink of water, the day before from the water source of middle line of 30 representatives of the masses into Beijing, water saving and water masses, experts talk about "water, water". Through the past two years, along the south to North Water Diversion Project to bring what? Better water quality, water supply security more secure, now the water is good!" In Hexi District Blue Water Park District of Tianjin City, Cui Xiufang Boyle told delegates: "in Tianjin before a strange, tap water pickled vegetables. When I was a child, I ate water, and it was bitter and astringent." "Little water!" Live in Beijing Fengtai District Jianxinyuan Si Li resident Liu Suxiang, who took the kettle: "look, this pot a month without brush, no scale." South hydrolysis thirst, receiving the people feel the most direct is the quality is good, the scale less. Data show that the source of Danjiangkou reservoir water quality stable for many years to achieve class ii. According to the Beijing water group monitoring, the use of water, water hardness decreased from 380 mg per liter to 120 – 130 mg. "Danjiangkou Water of low hardness, weak alkaline, good taste than water." Guogongzhuang water technical personnel. Water supply pattern is also changing. Beijing bid farewell to the plight of a single source, the central city water supply safety factor increased from 1 to 1.2." Sun Guosheng, director of the Beijing water diversion office, the current urban water supply with more than 70% of the water, the direct benefit of residents of up to 11 million people. By 2020, Beijing will achieve the Miyun reservoir, underground water and water diversion "Sanshui FBI, water is mainly used for city life, provide water for 20 cities and Metro city center tap water plant, water covered area of Beijing plain, the benefit of a population of 20 million. Tianjin Municipal Water Affairs Bureau deputy inspector Liu Changping said, as of now, Tianjin added 1 billion 60 million cubic meters of water, more than half of city residents eat water, from the "single Yinluan" into a "double water protection", equivalent to an increase of a water lifeline, city water supply dependence, single and vulnerability "contradictions be resolved effectively. Water conservation, water conservation priority is not self willed hard to get by the water district, water conservation priority, water is not capricious". Sun Guosheng introduction, Beijing, volume of water line to drink, deposit and compensation "principle, to the tune of 1 billion 580 million cubic meters of water, to meet the" drink ", 70% tap water supply plant for city living water; in addition to" save ", the 200 million cubic meters of water to the Miyun reservoir, Huairou reservoir, Ming Dynasty Tombs and Daning storage reservoir reservoir, an important role in the allocation of water resources in Beijing; and the" fill "for groundwater recharge. Beijing strict water pipe, tighten the tap, the city last year with 78 thousand sets of water-saving appliances. Use of recycled water, more than 70% of Beijing lake and river water from recycled water, recycled water accounted for 14 of the total water last year, become the stable "article)相关的主题文章: