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No kidding! Not worth 1 hundred million, is not recommended to buy this car! Sohu L5 uses automobile chassis layout four link type single a, H type multi link independent suspension, with 20 inch wide tires before and after 372 mm in diameter and diameter after 352mm ventilated disc brakes, allowing the driver to open the L5 when this huge monster still has a good faith. However, the focus of the design of L5 is certainly exquisite interior and spacious space. L5 is equipped with four zone automatic air conditioning system, exclusive custom BOSE sound system, powered rear privacy glass, LCD touch screen, Scotland full grain calfskin leather seats and other luxury equipment plus more than 1 140mm rear legroom, ride feel good. So the key to the red flag L5, how much money selling? FAW official guide price of RMB 5 million, with Bentley for about Shangyi levels than Fong Slovakia, or a lot of cheap food. Of course, no, the price still depends on the value of the individual, and the red flag H7 before talking about the red flag H7, Zhuan Shuxian talked about a car called "HQ3". The red flag came out in 2006, HQ3 came to be known as the "red spirit", it is the product labeling TOYOTA crown Majesta, the direct use of the Majesta on the 3 V6 engine and 4.3LV8 engine. 2012 launch of the red flag H7 is different, although the chassis, technology is still a trace of learning, but many elements can be linked with the original body. H7 and the body of many classic elements belonging to the "red flag", such as the front of the red beacons, the rear body hair "red flag" standard and long lost "golden sunflower" logo. Inside, not H7. In addition to the control of a large area of black piano; table panel and chrome trim, with wood trim, texture is also good looks. Back seat and massage, back angle adjustable function, comparable to luxury cars. H7 has three kinds of independent research and development of power available, including 1.8T, 2.0T and 3.0L V6 cloud force machine, the whole system is equipped with from Aisin 6 speed tiptronic?, are used rear drive layout. The H7 Chassis Based on TOYOTA crown, layout, pipe type independent front thinking frame with lateral stable pole, after the multi link independent thinking frame with horizontal stabilizer bar layout for double fork. However, FAW to many details of the design and tune into their own ideas. In addition to conventional power, FAW is also preparing to launch the red flag H7 PHEV plug-in hybrid version. H7 P EV equipped with 2 L cloud power machine and the composition of the hybrid power system, the Ministry of integrated fuel consumption is only 100 kilometers 2.4L H 00km, is expected to be launched in 2016. The red flag L S5 while the SUV boom, the red flag is on sale soon under the first SUV–LS5. LS5 for medium large!相关的主题文章: