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Missed this pregnancy, your baby is really lost in the starting line – the mother of Sohu is now popular words, called the child can not lose at the starting line". From the beginning of pregnancy, fetal education, diet adjustment, engage in a variety of trace elements supplement. As long as it is conducive to the development of the fetus, are very seriously and vigorously implement! Can stare teacher found that, if the so-called do not lose at the starting line just means that the fetus healthy development, there is an important thing, but often overlooked by the sisters. What is it? Dangdang! That is commonly known as "brain gold" DHA! Don’t rush booing, DHA I’m afraid you often hear, but what exactly is it? The specific role of how? In the end should be how to make up? Are you sure you are clear as clear as noonday? Today, I would like to talk to you about DHA, this is very important, but accidentally wrong elements of pregnancy. DHA= baby smart key DHA is a fatty acid abbreviation, the full name is "twenty-two carbon acid of six". Well, we don’t talk about these obscure things. All you need to know is that DHA is the golden key to the baby’s "smart brain."! > > > >, 1, DHA and fetal brain development are closely linked to DHA constitute one of the important components of fetal brain tissue, but also to optimize the fetal brain. > > > > 2, DHA to promote fetal vision formation of DHA is also an important component of the retina, almost all of the ingredients of the retina has it, the. In conclusion, DHA is critical for fetal brain development and vision. Studies have shown that adequate intake of DHA during pregnancy and lactation, the baby’s vision, immune system development, as well as long-term cognitive benefits. It is the "brain of gold". Daily intake of DHA, a little bit of a big gap we all know, for the various elements of the pregnancy supplement, my big principles are the first to start from the diet, will not easily rise to the height of supplements. So light food intake, can meet the demand for DHA during pregnancy? > > > > 1, how much DHA in pregnancy? Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that pregnant women during pregnancy and lactation daily intake of DHA of not less than 200 mg. > > > > 2, the usual diet, intake enough? According to the survey of the nutrition and health status of Chinese residents, the average intake of DHA and EPA in China is only 37.6 mg per day. Yes, we ordinary people, do not pay special attention to the words, daily intake of less than 40 mg per day of DHA. The pregnancy, but at least 200 mg, a little gap. Therefore, modern nutrition will generally recommend that pregnant women in pregnancy appropriate supplement DHA! Including food and supplements! Sibu + take medicine, eat enough amount of OK intake during pregnancy demand gap is so obvious, for D)相关的主题文章: