Shandong Dezhou, the reporter was beaten continued 4 people were arrested auxiliary police officers 驯龙高手dm456

Shandong Dezhou, the reporter was beaten continued: 4 people were arrested someone’s auxiliary dismissal – the official press office Beijing Beijing 9 October, Shandong Province, Dezhou City People’s government micro Dezhou release issued 9 "on the" 8.10 "case of the bulletin". Bulletin reads as follows: 17:30 on August 10, 2016 Xu, Dezhou City Tianqu Industrial Park South German city Greed Corp plant fires. The same day, Shandong radio and television public channel livelihood train reporter Qian Yunfei to the scene interview. During filming, the scene of conflict between the staff and the auxiliary police presence of Qian Yunfei, Xu, Chen, ye will be held by the camera away; later, the Greed Corp staff and security personnel, a high temperature, lvmou, in certain of money were pushing, kicking Yunfei, causing his injuries, was identified as minor injuries two. After the incident, the municipal government attaches great importance to clear requirements must abide by law in accordance with the fair and open process, and quickly set up a joint investigation team, the spirit of seeking truth from facts, according to law, objective and fair principle of a comprehensive and detailed investigation. During the appointment of municipal leaders to visit condolences to the injured reporters, and to Shandong radio and television stations to communicate, notify the relevant circumstances. August 11th, the Dezhou municipal public security organs Qian Yunfei was hit case investigation. In the course of investigation, the Greed Corp staff and security personnel, a high temperature, lvmou, in a of involvement in the beating of confessed. According to the investigation, August 12th, August 16th, the city public security organs has the suspect surnamed Yin, a Greed Corp employee, Lu, a, Ma, a Greed Corp and security Liu, Zhang criminal detention according to law. In September 18th, the German city people’s Procuratorate to the crime of intentional injury to a temperature, a high, lvmou, in a 4 people according to the law approved the arrest; in October 8th, the people’s procuratorate according to the temperature of a German city, a high, Lu, Decheng District in a people’s court to prosecute. Other persons involved will be dealt with according to law. According to the "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations" "Regulations" punishment of civil servants of administrative organs and other disciplinary regulations, in the case of inadequate control of the scene to deal with, and the daily management is not strict responsible party and government cadres, policemen and government discipline. Among them, a serious warning, the office of the Municipal Public Security Bureau police station director Zhang Zhuang Long City Party administrative demerits punishment, warning, removed from the director of the office; on Tianqu Street office party secretary Liu Party administrative demerit; talk to the captain of the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director Zhang, City Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment directly under the brigade in Liang admonishing. At the same time, the City Public Security Bureau branch to be dismissed on someone’s auxiliary Xu, Chen, ye, on the illegal use of signs of the police Auxiliary Police Zhang sentenced to security detention for seven days punishment and dismissal. The municipal government stressed that the case exposed a few leading cadres in particular street offices, primary law enforcement authorities of individual cadres and staff strict style is not the real problem, giving top priority to a profound reflection, and earnestly, and resolutely put an end to such problems. To respect the freedom of the press, to protect the media reporters相关的主题文章: