The high court of the autonomous region issued a notice for the region’s key work to provide judicia 巴雷特m82a1

The high court of the autonomous region issued a notice for the region’s key work to provide judicial protection — Inner Mongolia channel — recently, the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Higher People’s Court issued "on the eight key tasks for the autonomous region to provide effective judicial protection of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), unified thought and action, the region’s courts at all levels to ensure that. To promote the autonomous region key tasks to implement strong judicial safeguards. The notice requires all levels of courts at all levels to unify their thinking and understanding, and continue to do a good job of "two learning and doing" study and education, firm and correct political orientation. To fully serve the protection of steady growth, and promote the healthy development of the economy. We should actively promote the reform of personnel classification management reform, judicial accountability and judicial personnel occupation safeguard mechanism reform, ensure the completion of the reform task before the end of October. To strengthen justice for the people, efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood. The circular pointed out that the courts at all levels should firmly establish the concept of green development, proper trial of environmental resources cases, and promote sustainable economic and social development. We should do our best to maintain social stability and create a favorable social environment for the 70 anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region of Daqing. To fully cooperate with the general work, general work efforts to create a delicate gas is a good political environment and political environment. To strengthen the organization and leadership, strengthen measures to ensure the effectiveness of judicial services to achieve tangible results. (Bai Dan) (commissioning editor Zhang Xuedong and Liu Ze)相关的主题文章: