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One day the red Beijing scenic spot 13 beauty Chen Zhicheng appeared apology – public channel event review from 15 onwards, a garden condemned the uncivilized behavior of the post caused widespread concern. "Chen Zhicheng" three words are in red handwriting graffiti, painted in Fangshan guaishishan ten scenic landscape stone. You can see from the pictures, "Chen Zhicheng 2016.9.1", "the lift changes create rugged Stony Mountain" was sprayed on the landscape stone. Some netizens also said that Chen Zhicheng is still the gold mountain, mountain, Flaming Mountains and other scenic areas are graffiti, destroyed are important attractions landscape, there are more than ten. Writing is difficult to store in Mount Huangshan Fangshan District village high cleaning director, so the first time in years, encountered such a thing, "we go when dealing with other tourists also very indignant, they called for tourists, humiliating." He explained that the graffiti is the focus of the landscape painting on the mountains, are some of the iconic stones, are usually very popular tourist attractions. In addition, the area is relatively large, a font often 30 cm long. "When I checked up the hill, it was bigger than my palm". In addition, the spread of a wide distribution, a total of 13 smear. The trouble is, is not used in paint, paint is attached to the surface, fairly good cleaning, the use of the graffiti material, strong permeability, and those stones are exposed to the weather, severe weathering, penetrate into the inside it is difficult to deal with." He told reporters, the day before yesterday has brought people up the mountain, with 50 kilograms of these graffiti are thinner, although can be covered with graffiti words, but the original color of the color and thinner surrounding mountains do not ride, look very awkward, the original ecological environment still can not restore. Yesterday he took people went to Fangshan District to buy other chemical materials, "to ask the shop, several kilograms of materials, back up the mountain tomorrow today to try again, there is no best solution, have a try and see how effective." Chen Zhicheng appeared to apologize reporter learned yesterday afternoon in guaishishan scenic graffiti Chen Zhicheng to take the initiative to call Mount Huangshan village shop will admit mistakes, and said these will be writing clean. According to graffiti, he called Chen Zhicheng, this year has been 53 years old, since 1997 began to climb mountains, but recently because of family reasons, the mood is not very good. Also feel advanced in age may not be climbed, the mountains, and on the germination of the idea read to leave here. "I didn’t think it was a scenic spot, so I painted my name." He also admitted that, leaving himself in danger, Hongluo is Flaming Mountains area of handwriting. Mark promised to completely erase Chen Zhicheng said, they do not use the Internet yesterday, with his niece said, because in the area of graffiti, the relevant departments are looking for themselves, "this thing I did, I have to admit." Here, Chen Zhicheng shed tears. Although already 53 years old, but Chen Zhicheng climbing rock dashing. He said today brought little tools can not erase these marks, they will go to Fangshan to buy the corresponding network相关的主题文章: