The driver didn’t distinguish the accelerator and the brake, and even brought the car into the city 音羽かなで

Female drivers throttle brake not clear, even people with cars into the city pool, the driver out, not afraid to make three points! Although this is a discrimination against female drivers, absolutely undesirable! Because the accident has no gender difference, but just in the city of Quanzhou Cultural Palace 100 Yuanqing pool pool released, there is a novice driver, throttle and brake not clear. Oh god! Drove the car straight into the pool. A poor car, a second boat change. According to the reporter, 12 am today, in the 100 Yi Xiang Quanzhou hundred source retired cadres door, Chen suspected in reversing the throttle when the brake is ready to turn around, to hit a green car, the car crashed through the guardrail, the car carrying the man fall into the water. Fortunately, the car fell into the water, the driver of the car in the vicinity of the help of the masses, in a timely manner to climb out, but the water is not deep, okay. Reporters on the scene, Ms. Chen has climbed after the police and insurance is still suffering from the shock, to the scene. According to onlookers, Ms. Chen today to the city to play, ready to drive back, turn around in the alley, because the narrow and novice, leading to the throttle when the brake. (Quanzhou evening news reporter Zhang Xiaoming Zhang Jiuqiang Wen TU) >

女司机油门刹车没分清 连人带车冲进市区水池里 女司机出门,不怕也要让三分!虽然这样说是歧视女司机,万万不可取!因为事故的发生向来没有性别之分,但刚刚在泉州市区文化宫百源清池的放生池边上,就有一位新手女司机,油门和刹车没分清楚。天了噜!直接把车开到池里了。可怜的车子,一秒变船。据记者了解,今天12时许,在百宜巷泉州市百源干休所门口处,市民陈女士在倒车准备调头时疑似油门当刹车,在撞上一辆绿色小车后,车子冲出护栏,连人带车掉入水里。好在车子落水后,车内的司机在附近群众的帮助下,及时爬了出来,万幸水不深,人没事。记者在现场看到,陈女士已经爬上岸后仍然惊魂未定,警方及保险已到现场处理。据围观群众介绍,陈女士今日到市区游玩,准备开车回去时,在小巷子里调头,由于路窄又是新手,导致油门当刹车。(泉州晚报记者张晓明 张九强 文 图)>相关的主题文章: