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The mirror can play a number of tricks on your imagination lead: the mirror is indispensable in our life items, especially for girls, could not go anywhere to carry a small mirror grooming at any time. However, the mirror is not only a function, in the home, it is also commonly used decorations, some patterns you may not even think of! How many mirrors can you play? All you imagine is a few hexagonal mirrors that make funny patterns. When to use the mirror is not quite right, but it can make you become more spiritual home of the wall. How many mirrors can you play, depending on your imagination, you might think it’s a wall of water stains, but actually it’s a mirror! Because the shape is too realistic, it will inevitably make people misunderstand. This is a mirror, round mirror mirror more vitality than not or ordinary? How many mirrors can you play? Depending on your imagination, tennis rackets and badminton rackets can also be turned into mirrors! When the net on the racket has been worn out, simply insert a mirror and hang it on the wall for decoration

镜子能玩出多少种花样 全靠你想象导语:镜子是我们生活中不可缺少的物品,特别是对于女孩子来说,恨不得走到哪都随身带一块小镜子随时整理仪容。不过呢,镜子并不是只有一种作用,在家居中,它也是常用的装饰品,有些花样你可能连想都想不到!  镜子能玩出多少种花样 全靠你想象  用几块六边形的镜子,拼出有趣的图案。当穿衣镜来使用显然是不太合适的,但它可以让你家的墙面变得更有灵性。  镜子能玩出多少种花样 全靠你想象  你或许会以为这是一块墙上的水渍,其实它是一面镜子!由于形状太逼真,难免会让人误解。这样一面镜子,是不是比普普通通的圆镜或方镜更有生命力呢?  镜子能玩出多少种花样 全靠你想象  网球拍 羽毛球拍也可以变成镜子,没想到吧!当球拍上的网已经被用烂的时候,干脆嵌一块镜子,挂到墙上作装饰好咯~相关的主题文章: