Men have a dream Lu tube most want to do h thing with Doraemon props 小坂めぐる

Men have a dream Lu tube most want to use A Doraemon props do something H A dream Babolat bag has more than 2000 kinds of magic props, to help meet the main exploration desire to save the bubble sister. That human grow up is not pure, someone will make up the brain can do all kinds of color if these props things. Then, a Japanese media survey of 491 single men, you will choose what secret props to satisfy men’s desire? [if you use the following properties to meet your wishes, which one would you choose? ] (Dan Xuan) (1) (as long as the memory of bread books printed on the bread, then eat it, can remember the content.) (2) reduce the lamp (the body is less. The light to the rear) (3) the time machine (can travel into the future or past.) (4) (with positive time cloth cover items, covered items will quickly show the future state. Cover the goods with the reverse, the covered items will appear quickly past.) (5) (bamboo dragonfly can fly in the sky.) (6) (perspective glasses wearing X-ray features.) (7) (a transparent cloak becomes transparent.) (8) switch (to prevent her authoritarian people disappear.) (9) any door (you can go where you want to go.) (10) (translation of konjac after eating can speak any language.) Fifth: Perspective glasses (27) "I want to use in the bathroom." "I want to see a lot of underwear." It is full of children’s hope and dream secret props, in adult male eyes to taste. If not serious, will be A dream scold dead. Fourth: transparent cloak (28) "I want to become transparent people to do things, beep." "I want to get into the room of the lovely girl." "I want to leave the world of life." "I love loneliness, do not care about other people." Transparent props are very popular in men, roughly divided into work and survival of two people silently. Those who want to do the "beep -" who is about AV, in some more. Third: Bamboo Dragonfly (40 votes) "I often dreamed of flying in the sky." "I want to fly like a bird." "I want to fly to meet people." "Want to go somewhere, you can easily fly." Break even when you encounter a traffic jam, can use bamboo dragonfly mobile." Although ranked fourth with fifth items filled with work, but the use of bamboo dragonfly is more pure, most people just want to use at work or travel. Second: any door (110 votes) "can go to many places to travel." "I want to use any door to fam." "I want to go to work, work more comfortable." "I will work in the use of time, before they can sleep." Any door whether adults or children, are very attractive properties, particularly suitable for use at work in school. Of course, to bathe with any girl peeping door, in reality is a crime. First: the time machine (115 votes) "I will use in the lottery, gambling or cheating on." "I want to go back to the past, modify my college exams." "I think the girl and not contact together." "I want to go back to the past, when I began to become adults understand and love.

男人都有一个撸管梦 最想用哆啦A梦道具做H的事哆啦A梦的百宝袋里有超过2000种神奇的道具,帮大雄满足探险救人泡妹等愿望。都说人类长大后就不纯洁了,有人会脑补如果有这些道具就可以做各种色色的事情了。于是,有日媒调查了491位单身男性,你会选择什么秘密道具满足男人的欲望呢?【如果用以下道具满足你的愿望,你会选哪一个呢?】(单选)(1)记忆面包(只要把书本内容印在面包上,再吃下去,就能记住内容了。)(2)缩小灯(身体被光线照到后会变小。)(3)时光机(能穿梭未来或过去。)(4)时光布(用正面覆盖物品时,被覆盖的物品会快速呈现未来状态。用反面覆盖物品时,被覆盖的物品会快速呈现过去的状态。)(5)竹蜻蜓(可以在天空中飞行。)(6)透视眼镜(戴上后有透视的功能。)(7)透明斗篷(一套上就变成透明人。)(8)独裁开关(可以让妨碍自己的人消失。)(9)任意门(可以去自己想去的地方。)(10)翻译魔芋(吃下后能说任何语言。)第5位:透视眼镜(27人)“我想在澡堂里使用。”“我想看很多内衣。”这件充满了孩童的梦想与希望的秘密道具,在成人男性眼中充满了工口的味道。要是用在不正经的地方,会被哆啦A梦骂死吧。第4位:透明斗篷(28人)“我想变成透明人做哔——的事情。”“我想进入可爱妹子的房间。”“我想离开俗世生存。”“我喜欢孤独,不用理会其他人。”透明系道具在男人当中很受欢迎,大致分成工口系与默默生存系两类人。那些想做“哔——”的人大概是AV、里番看多了吧。第3位:竹蜻蜓(40票)“我经常梦见自己飞上天空了。”“我想像鸟儿一样飞翔。”“我想飞到相见的人的身边。”“想去某个地方的时候就能轻松飞起来。”“连休时遇到塞车,可以用竹蜻蜓移动。”虽然排在第4位与第5位的道具充满了工口感,但竹蜻蜓的用途却纯洁多了,大部分人只希望用在上班或旅行中。第2位:任意门(110票)“可以去很多地方旅行。”“我想用任意门去秘境。”“我想让上班、工作变得更舒服。”“我会在上班时间使用,之前就可以睡大觉了。”任意门不管对于大人还是小孩来说,都是相当有吸引力的道具,尤其适合用在上班上学中。当然,用任意门去偷窥妹子洗澡,在现实中可是犯罪喔。第1位:时光机(115票)“我会用在买彩票、赌马或作弊上。”“我想回到过去,修改我的大学考试成绩。”“我想和无法交往的妹子在一起。”“我想回到过去,当我变成大人后才开始了解何谓恋爱与女人心,我想教教过去那个不成熟的自己。”很多人都想回到过去,修改那个不完美的自己,弥补学业、恋爱上的遗憾。亲,如果能选择一样哆啦A梦道具,你会选择哪一样,想做什么呢?点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品。相关的主题文章: