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National Day, the hottest scenic spot is West Lake   Nanjing Gaochun old street into a dark horse – People’s network Jiangsu window – People’s original title: the hottest in the country is West Lake Gaochun Street into the biggest dark horse, the National Day holiday, which transport hub people the most? Where is the most scenic spot? Which scenic spots are the new dark horse? The National Day travel forecast report released on the 29 day of the high moral map gives the answers to these questions. The top ten scenic spots in the list, the Yangtze River Delta region of West Lake, Xitang, Wuzhen, Hukou Waterfall Town, Hengdian, the Bund and other scenic spots accounted for half of the entire list of TOP10, obsessed with the beauty of these visitors will also cause the high-speed road around the popular scenic congestion, such as the Hangzhou beltway, often high-speed, the permanent speed etc.. But big data show that the Shanghai the Bund region around the route is relatively smooth, you can rest assured to drive to. In addition to the popular scenic spot ranking, the more attention is reported in the report of the national list of the biggest gainers. According to the ranking sites navigation data of high moral map data in the average daily volume comparison, the largest increase in the national TOP10 scenic street in Nanjing city was popular in Gaochun, visitors rose 180%, followed by Benxi City, Guangyuan city water tunnel scenic Jianmen Pass scenic area, tourists also rose more than 170%, it seems that these scenic spots are a recently discovered characteristic. Enshi Grand Canyon and Xi’an Hua Qing palace are also on the list. China is the area of heat ranking, the hottest or the ancient town, the temple and Mausoleum of Zhuozheng garden, lake, China Dinosaur Park, Yuantouzhu are also in the top 10 list, it is somewhat surprising is Kunshan Huiju temple and Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park were also in the top 10 list. The report predicts that tourists to Zhouzhuang need to pay attention to, October 1st 0:00-23:00 Jiaxing direction Chang Taiwan high speed congestion. (Xu Xiaofeng) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin) 国庆全国最热景区是西湖 南京高淳老街成黑马–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:全国最热是西湖 高淳老街成最大黑马   这个国庆长假,哪些交通枢纽人最多?哪里的景点最堵?哪些景点是新杀出的黑马?高德地图29日发布的国庆出行预测报告对这些问题给出了答案。   全国十大热门景区排行榜中,长三角地区的西湖、西塘古镇、壶口瀑布、乌镇、横店、外滩等景区占据了整个榜单TOP10的一半,醉心于这些美景的游客也将造成这几个热门景区周围的高速道路的拥堵,例如杭州绕城高速、常台高速、诸永高速等。但大数据显示上海外滩区域周边路线整体较为畅通,可以放心驾车前往。   除了热门景区排行榜,此次更加受人关注的是报告中新鲜出炉的全国涨幅最大冷门景区排行榜。根据高德地图大数据中景点导航数据量日均对比排名,全国TOP10涨幅最大的冷门景区居然是南京市高淳老街,游客到访上涨180%,其次是本溪市水洞景区、广元市剑门关景区,游客上涨也都超过170%,看来这些景区有着最近才被人发现的特色。恩施大峡谷、西安华清宫等也榜上有名。   就江苏的景区热度排名来看,最热的还是周庄古镇,夫子庙、中山陵次之, 拙政园、天目湖、中华恐龙园、鼋头渚等也都在前十榜单上,令人有些意外的是昆山慧聚寺和南京青奥体育公园居然也在前十榜单中。报告预测,去周庄的游客需要注意,10月1日0:00-23:00嘉兴方向常台高速易拥堵。(徐晓风) (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: