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Hebei officials announced the Seville winger joined the pass for a fee of 6 million euro – Sohu of Hebei Huaxia Sports Illustrated   February 6th Beijing time, Hebei Huaxia happiness super Xinjun officially announced a deal with the Seville football club, the genius of Chelsea was transferred to Hebei Huaxia training wing. According to media reports, the former Chelsea player’s transfer fee is 6 million euros (also media coverage of 5 million euros). The following is the official announcement of Hebei Huaxia poster: Gail? (Gaë l Kakuta) he was born in France in June 21, 1991, Lille, France, the Democratic Republic of Congo dual nationality, height 173cm, weight 65kg, a superior grade winger, striker, great feet, outstanding ability to read the game, dribbling the ball at one breakthrough ability passing, shooting accuracy, who played for Chelsea, Valle Cano, Seville and other European clubs of all ages, the French youth team in 2011 to become the absolute main force, FIFA young player of the year award candidate, Chelsea is in team history in the Champions League played the youngest player, was known as the star of the future. As the core of the French national team training, often use goals to help the Gallic Rooster to open the door to victory. His joining will further enhance Hebei’s Chinese front court offensive strength. Expect him to play to the strength, become a sharp knife attack, killing four in the 2016 season, the goal for the fans to dedicate more exquisite beyond compare! 河北官宣塞维利亚边锋加盟 传转会费为600万欧-搜狐体育 河北华夏配图    北京时间2月6日,中超新军河北华夏幸福官方宣布与塞维利亚足球俱乐部达成转会协议,前切尔西天才飞翼卡库塔正式转会河北华夏。根据媒体报道,这名前切尔西球员的转会费为600万欧元(也有媒体报道为500万欧元)。 河北华夏海报   以下为官方公告:   盖尔?卡库塔(Gaël Kakuta),1991年6月21日生于法国里尔,法国、民主刚果双重国籍,身高173cm,体重65kg,场上司职边锋、前锋,脚法出众,阅读比赛能力突出,盘带控球技术娴熟,一对一突破能力极强,传球射门精准,曾效力于切尔西、巴列卡诺、塞维利亚等欧洲俱乐部,法国各年龄段青年队绝对主力,2011年成为国际足联年度最佳年轻球员奖侯选人,是切尔西队史上在欧洲冠军联赛中出场最年轻的球员,曾被誉为蓝军的未来之星。   卡库塔作为法国国青队的核心,屡次用进球帮助“高卢雄鸡”打开胜利之门。他的加盟将进一步提升河北华夏幸福的前场进攻实力。期待他发挥实力,成为锋线上的一把利刃,在2016赛季大杀四方,为球迷奉献更多精妙绝伦的进球!相关的主题文章: