Changzhou man posing as a SWAT object cheated each other 200 thousand 木村kaela

Changzhou man posing as a SWAT object at the 200 thousand some girls cheated each other at the object, more interested in the military or police officer, is to seize this kind of psychological, Liyang unemployed man Wang from the Internet to buy a series of props, disguised himself as a police, during the mad pursuit of single women, and by borrowing the name has murdered women from 3 hands cheated more than 20 yuan. Pictures from the network before the alarm Zhang woman to Liyang Council South police station, said he may be the man Wang cheated, two people are chatting on the Internet, Wang claimed that he is a police Liyang Public Security Bureau, often outside the mission. To win the trust of Zhang, he also downloaded from the Internet a bullet guns and other photos forwarded to her, after a period of time to chat, two people decide to meet. Say acting to play a full set for the meeting, Wang is great pains. Pictures from the network to meet a king when driving a luxury car, was extraordinary, soon captured Zhang’s heart, but does not know the car is rented, even the real estate license is false. Seeing the fish hook, Wang used red syrup and gauze manufacturing to the illusion of injury, medical expenses nominal borrowing 30 thousand yuan to zhang. But after all defaulted, Zhang this was suspicious. The police investigation found that cheated more than a woman Zhou Zhang, is one of them. The two story is exactly the same, Wang also lied to swat status defrauded Zhou’s trust, in the process of communication will tell the accident need money, a body disease in need of treatment, a total of 50 thousand yuan cheated. In addition to associate the name of money making, Wang also to help victims of the civil service exam to clear the relationship in the name of brother cheated 12 million one-time. From the beginning of the year to July, Wang through a carefully concocted from the 3 victims continue to get more than 20 yuan. At present, Wang has been the Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest.

常州男子冒充特警处对象 骗走对方20万有些女孩处对象,对军人或警察这种公职人员比较感兴趣,正是抓住了这种心理,溧阳无业男子王某从网上买来一系列道具,将自己伪装成了一名特警,期间疯狂追求单身女性,并通过借款名义先后从3名被害女子手中骗走20余万元。图片来源于网络日前,女子张某到溧阳市局城南派出所报警,称自己可能被男子王某骗了,两人是网上聊天认识,王某声称他是溧阳公安局的一名特警,时常在外执行任务。为博取张某的信任,他还从网上下载了子弹枪支等照片转发给她,经过一段时间的聊天,两人决定见面。都说演戏要演全套,为了这次见面王某可谓费尽心思。图片来源于网络见面当天王某开着豪车,衣着不凡,很快就俘获了张某的芳心,但殊不知豪车是租的,连房产证也是假的。眼见鱼儿上钩,王某使用红药水和纱布制造受伤假象,以医药费名义向张某借款3万元。但之后一直拖欠不还,张某这才起了疑心。警方侦查发现,上当受骗的不止张某一个,女子周某也是其中之一。两人的受骗经历如出一辙,王某也是谎称特警身份骗取了周某的信任,交往过程中一会说出了车祸急需用钱,一会说身体旧疾需要治疗,共骗走5万多元。除了交往名义骗钱,王某还以帮被害人弟弟考公务员疏通关系的名义一次性骗走了12万元。从今年年初到7月,王某通过一次次精心编造谎言,从3名受害人处陆续骗得20余万元。目前,王某已被溧阳市人民检察院批准逮捕。相关的主题文章: