The man jumped into the temple fountain to collect five hundred or six hundred coins the mone carmex润唇膏

The man jumped into the temple fountain to collect five hundred or six hundred coins   the money spent more than 2 points — Hainan window – October 3rd afternoon, Hangzhou Lingyin Temple fountain, a man went to the side, suddenly climbed the fence into the pool where tourists coin walked past, caused onlookers. The monitor showed that the man kept making coins from the wishing pool and stuffed himself into the plastic bag he held. A few minutes later, the man put the coin, come swaggeringly from the Trevi Fountain came out, next to the visitors seemed to him to say what, but he was unmoved, straight away. At that time, Lingyin police station received the situation, immediately sent police rushed to the scene, and quickly find the man, brought back the inquiry. After verification, the man less than forty, Jiangsu people. According to him, the money was spent, so he played the idea of making coins in the wishing pool. The police criticized the man, and the man said he was very sorry and realized his mistake. Subsequently, the police picked up five hundred or six hundred coins from the men and returned them to Lingyin Temple. On the 5 day, the Lingyin Temple office said that tourists voluntarily threw coins to the wishing pool, which represented the yearning for a good wish. It would be inappropriate for someone to take the coins without permission. The donation from Lingyin Temple wishing pool is mainly used for public welfare, Buddhism culture and temple maintenance. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu) 男子跳进寺庙许愿池捞五六百硬币 称钱花光了–人民网海南视窗–人民网 10月3日下午2点多,杭州灵隐寺许愿池内,一名男子走到旁边,突然翻过护栏,往池内游客抛硬币的地方走过去,引起围观。 监控显示,这名男子不停地从许愿池内捞硬币,塞进自己拿着的塑料袋里。 几分钟后,男子将硬币放好,大摇大摆地从许愿池里走了出来,旁边游客似乎对他说着什么,但他不为所动,径直离开。 当时,灵隐派出所接到情况后,立即派民警赶到现场,并迅速找到了这名男子,带回所里询问。 经查实,这名男子四十不到,江苏人。据他说,身上钱花光了,于是打起了许愿池硬币的主意。 警方对男子进行了批评教育,该男子也表示非常后悔,认识到了自己的错误。随后,警方将男子捡到的五六百块硬币全都归还了灵隐寺。 5日,灵隐寺办公室说,游客自愿地向许愿池抛撒硬币,代表着个人对美好愿望的向往,如果有人擅自拿走这些硬币,肯定不妥当。灵隐寺许愿池所得的善款主要用于公益慈善、宣传佛法文化及维护殿堂等开支。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: