Huzhou 30 year old guy love on the cheongsam annual sales or break 300 thousand 乃々果花

Huzhou 30 year old guy "love" on the cheongsam annual sales or will break 300 thousand Wang Wei and cheongsam. In Huzhou Deqing County science and Technology Bureau Science and Technology Park three phase two floor of a studio, wearing "I am the shopkeeper" words of young man, Wang Wei busy orders, sorting samples. The origin of the first prize of Qipao Wang Wei was born in 1987 three in Deqing people, after graduating from college, worked in the hotel, opened a barbecue shop, make foreign trade, but he has always been a dream. In 2014, Wang Wei returned to Deqing, because he had the experience of textiles, he chose the clothing industry as his own entrepreneurial direction. He traveled to Shanghai, Shaoxing and other places to find good fabrics and factories, from 200 pieces of pure modal T-shirt start. At first, he didn’t calculate what the cost was, he was just thinking about how to attract customers. The first batch of 200 clothes soon sold out, he added 3000 Strike while the iron is hot., who knows but not sell. You can’t put your eggs in one basket." Wang Wei’s reflection on the problem. Once, a customer who was going to participate in a literary contest was asking Wang Wei if she could help her customize a cheongsam. Wang Wei, who did not touch cheongsam, held the mentality of trying to learn the cheongsam on the internet. Helpless cheongsam production is a professional strong craft, self-study without fruit, Wang Wei did not give up. He went to Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places to visit the Suzhou style cheongsam and the Shanghai style cheongsam artists. After choosing the main color of the beautiful, they discussed the design with the cheongsam teacher, and asked them to produce a beautiful yellow cheongsam. Who thought that the female guest won the first prize in the competition and inadvertently helped Wang Wei to wear the cheongsam. Since then, he and the cheongsam knot the edge, orders one after another. The development of cheongsam cheongsam from the tailor’s shop is a modern Chinese traditional costume. It can not be made in accordance with the uniform size, but it is too expensive, which limits the purchase of many female customers. Wang Wei made a new move, abandoning the idea of putting in stores, and instead selling the cheongsam to the obscure tailor’s shop on the street. The cheongsam should be packed and sold. How can it be placed in the tailor’s shop? A lot of people questioned then. Wang Wei observation found that the tailor to do the clothes are the tailor’s workmanship, and not necessarily fit cheongsam placed in the tailor’s shop, after fitting and modification on the spot, can perfectly solve the embarrassment of cheongsam size. Facts have proved that his decision is correct, customers continue. Silk fabric checks in person, let young designers design modern aesthetic cheongsam, and then invited Shaoxing cheongsam teacher Fu do crafts, take back Deqing studio sales part, combined with foreign seasonal difference exports part of cheongsam…… These are Wang Wei’s unique business classics. Today, he has more than 40 employees, only Deqing’s cheongsam sales amounted to 160 thousand yuan this summer. In the face of Deqing "cheongsam fever", by the end of this year, Wang Wei intends to increase 100 cheongsam, strive for sales exceeded 300 thousand yuan. In addition to other cotton company cheongsam, clothes, uniforms and other products factory orders also receives more more. Wang Wei said, "I think clothes have life, you are sincere towards it, and it will make you gain more."." Next, he wanted to make the cheongsam "Deqing flavor" and add morality into his cheongsam.

湖州30岁小伙“恋”上旗袍 年销售额或将破30万王伟和旗袍。在湖州德清县科技局科技创业园三期二楼的一间工作室内,穿着“我是王掌柜”字样的小伙子王伟忙着接单,整理样品。缘起 第一件旗袍得了奖1987年出生的王伟是德清三合乡人,大学毕业后,在酒店工作过,开过烧烤店,做过外贸,但他心里一直有个创业梦。 2014年,王伟回到德清,因为家里有做纺织品的经验,他选择了服装行业作为自己的创业方向。他辗转上海、绍兴等地寻找好的面料和工厂,从200件纯色莫代尔T恤衫开始做起。最初,他也没算什么成本,只想着怎么吸引顾客。第一批200件衣服很快售罄,他趁热打铁追加了3000件,谁知却卖不出去。“不能把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里。”王伟反思问题所在。一次,一位要参加文艺比赛的顾客在闲聊时咨询王伟能不能帮忙给她定做一件旗袍。没接触过旗袍的王伟抱着试试看的心态在网上自学旗袍的门道。无奈旗袍制作是门专业性极强的手艺,自学无果后王伟并没有放弃。他特地跑到江苏、上海等地拜访苏式旗袍和海派旗袍的艺人,在选定靓丽的主打颜色后,和旗袍师傅商量设计,请他们制作出了一件靓黄的演出旗袍。谁想,女顾客在比赛中获得了一等奖,无意中帮着王伟的旗袍打了广告。自此,他和旗袍结上了缘,订单一个接一个。发展 从裁缝店走出的旗袍旗袍是中国近现代的传统服饰,不能按照统一尺码来做,要求贴身,但高级定制又太贵,限制了很多女性顾客的购买量。王伟另辟蹊径,放弃投入门店的想法,转而将旗袍的销售对准了街边不起眼的裁缝店。旗袍应该进行包装售卖,怎么能放在裁缝店里呢?当时很多人质疑。王伟观察发现,来裁缝店做衣服的都看准了裁缝的手艺,而不一定合身的旗袍放在裁缝店里,经过试穿和当场修改,能完美地解决旗袍尺寸的尴尬。事实证明,他的这个决定是正确的,客户络绎不绝。真丝面料亲自把关,让年轻的设计师设计符合现代审美的旗袍,再请来绍兴的旗袍老师傅做手艺,拿回德清的工作室销售一部分,再结合国外季节差出口一部分旗袍……这些都是王伟独到的生意经。如今他有40余位员工,这个夏天仅德清的旗袍销售额就达16万元。面对德清的“旗袍热”,今年年底,王伟打算增加100款旗袍,争取销售额突破30万元。除了做旗袍,公司其他棉麻衣服、工厂工作服等产品订单也越接越多。王伟说:“我觉得衣服有生命,你对它态度诚恳,它也会让你有更多收获。”下一步,他要把旗袍做出“德清味道”来,在自家旗袍中加入德清元素,让更多人展示德清之美。相关的主题文章: