HSBC lowered China’s stock market rating, the biggest drop in Shanghai stock index to 18%- Sohu secu 长春大学管理学院

HSBC lowered Chinese market rating stock index fell the most up to 18%- China HSBC securities news pictures Sohu stock strategy director Sun Yu in 23, said in a research report, A shares and Hong Kong stocks down target 14%-18%, because of the profit forecast revised down and increase market volatility. 2016 new goals are as follows: MSCI Chinese stock index for the 60, previously a 72 reduction of about 17%; Shanghai 3200, previously 3900; reduction of about 18% in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index for the 3500, previously a 4200 reduction of about 17%; the index of state-owned enterprises was 10000, previously 12000; under the transfer rate of about 17% to 21000 Ma previously, 24500; reduction of about 14% Chinese enterprises in Hongkong Hang Seng index was 3800, previously 4600; consensus earnings dropped to about 17% seller analysts since December has reduced MSCI China index of about 5%, cut the H-share index of the expected future market surplus of about 8% months due to a number of positive factors has continued to rebound, including stable foreign exchange market, stock repurchase in June this year, MSCI shares may be included in the rate of A is higher than 50%, and Shenzhen Through start. Sustainable rebound depends on commitment to reform and more vigorous recovery measures. Optimistic about the growth and profitability of high visibility services and consumer related stocks, to finance, IT and health care overweight rating. Give energy, core and non core consumption, industrial and utilities neutral rating. Less code telecommunications services and raw materials, and HSBC buy rating given to forecast this year, the interest rate is higher than 5% of the shares in Hong Kong stocks: AIA, Swire Pacific, Hongkong Telecom, 66, real estate, Cathay Pacific, SJM, China Hongqiao, Xinyi, Luk Fook Group, light group, Chow Sang Sang international bloomage biotechnology, international

汇丰下调中国股市评级 沪指降幅最大可达18%-搜狐证券   新闻配图   汇丰中国股票策略主管孙瑜在23日的研报中称,下调A股和港股目标位14%-18%,因盈利预估下修及市场波动性加大。   2016年新的股指目标如下:   MSCI中国指数为60,先前为72;下调幅度约17%   上证综指3,200,先前为3,900;下调幅度约18%   沪深300指数为3,500,先前为4,200;下调幅度约17%   国企指数为10,000,先前为12,000;下调幅度约17%   恒指为21,000,先前为24,500;下调幅度约14%   恒生香港中资企业指数为3,800,先前为4,600;下调幅度约17%   卖方分析师自12月以来已下调MSCI中国指数的盈余共识约5%,下调H股指数的盈余约8%   预期未来几个月市场将因若干正面因素持续反弹,包括目前已稳定的外汇市场、股票回购、MSCI今年6月可能纳入A股的几率高于五成,及深港通启动。   可持续的反弹取决于对改革的承诺以及更有力的景气恢复措施。   看好增长性及获利能见度较高的服务及消费相关类股,给予金融、IT及医疗保健超配评级。   给予能源、核心及非核心消费、工业和公用事业中性评级。   减码电信服务及原材料   汇丰给予买进评级、且预估今年股利率高于5%的港股有:友邦保险、太古股份、香港电讯、恒隆地产、国泰航空、澳博控股、中国宏桥、信义光能、六福集团、周生生集团国际、华熙生物科技、巨腾国际相关的主题文章: