Canon 80D more detailed specifications focus reborn – Sohu digital 韩元元图片

Canon 80D more detail specification: focus reborn – Sohu digital today, a more detailed configuration list appears in the foreign media layout, it is not difficult to see, EOS 80D made EOS 70D compared to increase considerably, upgrade the sensor pixels and focusing system are objective, resulting in the shooting the upgrade experience is worth looking forward to. The 80D specification details the latest exposure of EOS as follows: –  a new 24 million 200 thousand pixel APS-C CMOS sensor – Dual pixel CMOS autofocus – ISO 100-16000 default sensitivity (expandable to 25600) – 7560 pixels RGB+IR –  photometric sensors; 45 point autofocus system (all of the focus are cross type AF) –  four region selection mode, including a new L area af – 7fps s burst, burst mode 3fps s mute, live view mode for 5fps s. Disposable – continuous 77 JPEG images and 20 RAW images – 100% 0.95x viewfinder viewfinder view, magnification – shutter speed 30s-1 8000s, synchronization rate of 1 250s, the shutter life 100 thousand times – 3 inch 1 million 40 thousand pixel LCD screen with variable angle – built-in flash (flash index 12) – photos of the new style of electronic level. 10 kinds of scene modes, five types of film creative filter – 1080p @ 60fps HD video recording, automatic recovery coke – HDR Video – short – Wi-Fi, interval NFC, remote shooting – support SD (UHS-I) SDHC SDXC memory card USB interface, HDMI interface, microphone jack, headset jack, remote controller improved waterproof and dustproof performance – compatible LP-E6N LP-E6 battery – host start time 0 .16 seconds body size 139 x 105.2 x 78.5mm, weight 650 grams. 佳能80D更多规格细节:对焦脱胎换骨-搜狐数码  今天,一份更加细致的配置清单出现在外媒的版面当中,从中不难看出,EOS 80D相较EOS 70D所作出的提升幅度相当大,传感器像素和对焦系统均有客观的改进升级,由此所带来的拍摄体验升级值得期待。   最新曝光的EOS 80D规格细节如下:   - 全新2420万像素APS-C CMOS传感器   - 双像素CMOS自动对焦   - 默认感光度ISO 100-16000(可扩展至25600)   - 7560像素RGB+IR测光传感器   - 45点自动对焦系统(所有对焦点均为十字型)   - 四种自动对焦区域选择模式,包括一个全新L区域自动对焦   - 7fps s连拍,静音连拍模式下为3fps s,即时取景模式下为5fps s。   - 一次性可连拍77张JPEG图像或20张RAW图像   - 取景视野100%,0.95x取景放大倍率   - 快门速度30s-1 8000s,同步速率1 250s,快门寿命10万次   - 3英寸104万像素可变角度液晶屏   - 内置闪光灯(闪光指数12)   - 电子水平仪   - 新的照片风格,10种场景模式,五种类型的电影创意滤镜   - 1080p @ 60fps高清视频摄录,自动追焦   - HDR视频   - 间隔定时短片   - Wi-Fi、NFC,遥控拍摄   - 支持SD SDHC SDXC(兼容UHS-I)存储卡   - USB接口、HDMI接口、麦克风插孔、耳机插孔、远程控制器   - 改进防尘防水性能   - 兼容LP-E6N LP-E6电池   - 主机启动时间0.16秒   - 机身尺寸139.0 x 105.2 x 78.5mm,重量650克。相关的主题文章: