Violation of the restricted sale order punished by shareholders of several companies 命悬一线的意思

The violation of "limit the sale of the" shareholder companies punished Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are using the information times news (reporter Lin Zhiyin) that can not be reduction, the reduction also, some shareholders limit the sale of the "pre defy the Commission for a period of 6 months" recently, one after another, the regulators have been punished. In February 2nd, the shareholders of landscape culture, Dongying international and its concerted action Sun Chengfei, Tengda construction supervisor Lin Huanjun were implemented supervision measures by the Shanghai Stock exchange. The reasons are contrary to the "restriction order"". Last July 8th, the Commission issued regulations No. 18: 6 months from now onwards, a listed company shall not pass two market holdings of shares of the company and major shareholders of Dong Gaojian. Among them, the plot of landscape culture is more serious. From May 8, 2015 to May 28th, the Dongying international Sun Chengfei and concerted action, auction trading system to buy 10 million 123 thousand shares from the cultural landscape through the Shanghai, the company’s total share capital of 5%. In July 9, 2015, Sun Chengfei held 132 thousand and 400 shares of company stock positions were liquidated due to hit the line; from July 16, 2015 to July 17th, the Dongying international holdings of shares 9 million 973 thousand shares; in September 2, 2015, sun Chengfei holdings of 17 thousand and 600 shares of company stock. At this point, Dongying international and Sun Chengfei shares of the company’s holdings have been completed. To this end, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has publicly condemned Dongying international and its concerted action, Sun Chengfei. Tengda construction supervisor Linhuan is in August 24th last year after buying 28 thousand shares of company stock, in September 8th last year to sell 5000 shares, not only constitute a short-term trading, and contrary to the provisions of the Commission No. 18, also constitute a further periodic report window period trading company stock behavior. The Shanghai Stock Exchange finally gave Lin Huan notification critical treatment. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently punished more than 18 of the shareholders stipulated in the article. As in February 1st, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange website also hung out on the base of deep B, Huafu, Meteno and Kyland 4 listed companies high prison directors illegal Holdings penalties. From the circumstances of the disclosure, although the amount of the general reduction is not large, the above-mentioned persons are still criticized or publicly denounced. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

违反“限售令” 多家公司股东受罚 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   信息时报讯(记者 林志吟) 说好的不能减持,还减持,前期公然挑衅证监会为期6个月的“限售令”的一些股东们,近期已陆陆续续遭到监管层的处罚。   2月2日,山水文化的股东东营国际及其一致行动人孙承飞、腾达建设监事林欢均被上交所实施监管措施。理由均是违背了“限售令”。去年7月8日,证监会就发布18号文规定:从即日起6个月内,上市公司大股东及董高监不得通过二级市场减持本公司股份。   其 中,山水文化的情节更加重些。2015年5月8日至5月28日,东营国际及其一致行动人孙承飞,通过上交所集中竞价交易系统买入山水文化1012.30万 股,占公司总股本的5%。2015年7月9日,孙承飞所持公司股票13.24万股因触及强制平仓线而被平仓;2015年7月16日至7月17日,东营国际 减持公司股份997.3万股;2015年9月2日,孙承飞减持公司股票1.76万股。至此,东营国际及孙承飞持有的公司股票全部减持完毕。为此,上交所对 东营国际及其一致行动人孙承飞予以公开谴责。   腾达建设监事林欢则是在去年8月24日买入公司股票2.8万股之后,去年9月8日又卖出5000股,不仅构成短线交易,又违背了证监会18号文规定,还进一步构成定期报告窗口期买卖公司股票行为。上交所最终给予林欢通报批评处理。   深交所近期也处罚了多名违法18号文规定的股东。如在2月1日,深交所网站也挂出了对深基地B、华孚色纺、梅泰诺和东土科技4家上市公司董高监违规减持的处罚规定。从披露的情节看,虽然普遍减持金额不大,但上述人员仍受到通报批评或公开谴责处分。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: