Highest discount 1500 yuan, Microsoft surface 3 big price reduction in the United States 郴州一中吧

The highest discount 1500 yuan Microsoft Surface 3 big American price cuts Zhongguancun online news: recent Microsoft Surface 3 products limited price promotions, the highest drop of 150 U.S. dollars (about 980 yuan). And the domestic Microsoft online mall also has many Spring Festival activities. The United States, in the sale of Surface  3 Wi-Fi and 4G two version (click), which has Wi-Fi 64GB  price $100 sale of $399 (about 2621 yuan), 4G version for $499. 128GB version of the price reduction of $150, Wi-Fi $449, 4G version of $549, very competitive. Microsoft Surface  3 big discount   the highest discount 1500 yuan (pictures from Microsoft) compared with domestic online mall, at present Surface  3 still can match Xbox  One purchase, 64GB packages total price was 6887 yuan, set down 1599 yuan, only need 5288 yuan. At the same time, there are still many activities to participate. Microsoft Surface  3   big price; the maximum discount of 1500 yuan (picture from Microsoft) basic configuration, Surface  3 1080p using 10.8 inches screen size measurements were 267x187x8.7mm, weight 622 grams. Equipped with the latest Intel quad core Atom processor X7 (Atom  x7-Z8700), 2G 4G memory, the interface provides a USB  3 (Type-A), a mini  DisplayPort, a microUSB, a microSD card reader and a headset hole system for Windows  10. 最高优惠1500元 微软Surface 3美国大降价   中关村在线消息:近期微软对Surface 3产品进行了限时降价促销活动,最高降幅达到150美元(约合人民币980元)。而国内的微软在线商城也有不少新春活动。   此 次,美国在售的Surface 3有Wi-Fi和4G两版(点击),其中64GB Wi-Fi已降价100美元现售399美元(约合人民币2621 元),4G版499美元。128GB版降价150美元,Wi-Fi款为449美元,4G版549美元,非常有竞争力。 微软Surface 3大降价 最高优惠1500元(图片来自微软)   相比较国内在线商城,目前Surface 3仍可搭配Xbox One购买,64GB的套餐总价原为6887元,立减1599元,只需要5288元。同时仍有多项活动可以参与。 微软Surface 3大降价 最高优惠1500元(图片来自微软)   基本配置上,Surface 3采用10.8英寸1080p屏幕,三围尺寸分别为267x187x8.7mm,重量622克。搭载Intel最新的四核凌动 x7处理器(Atom x7-Z8700),2G 4G内存,接口方面提供了一个USB 3.0(Type-A)、一个 mini DisplayPort、一个microUSB、一个microSD读卡器和一个耳机孔,系统为Windows 10。相关的主题文章: