Microsoft will stop offering free 15GB onedrive space 华为的冬天读后感

Microsoft will stop offering free 15GB OneDrive Sina space technology – Beijing morning news on February 1st, if you are a OneDrive user, and hope to retain the 15GB of free storage space, it is only a few hours to ensure their free space is not affected. Microsoft announced last November that it would shrink OneDrive’s free storage space from 15GB to 5GB, and cancel 15GB’s extra camera space. But then it was strongly resisted, and Microsoft also provided a program that allows users to retain 15GB free storage space plus 15GB camera film space. But to achieve this goal, users need to make a special announcement, and January 31st is the last day to ensure that their free space is free from loss. To ensure that you do not lose the free space of 15GB, users need to go to a special page of Microsoft OneDrive website, click "keep your free space", and then use the Microsoft account login, you can see the system prompts. After the completion of the operation, 15GB free storage space and 15GB camera film space will not be affected by the new policy. The adjustment of free OneDrive space is part of Microsoft’s overall adjustment plan for cloud storage packages. In addition to reducing free storage space, Microsoft will stop providing unlimited space for Office 365 home version users, instead of 1TB space, while terminating 100GB and 200GB OneDrive pay packages, launched a new 50GB package – monthly price of $1.99. Microsoft said at the time, some users use OneDrive to back up a lot of data is an important reason for reducing the capacity of packages. The company says they just want to continue to focus on high value productivity and collaborative experience in order to benefit most OneDrive users. Although Microsoft provides free users with a scheme to retain existing space, it does not provide similar channels for other OneDrive paid users. (Book Yu)

微软将停止免费提供15GB OneDrive空间   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月1日早间消息,如果你是OneDrive用户,而且希望保留15GB的免费存储空间,那就只有几个小时的时间来确保自己的免费空间不受影响。   微软去年11月宣布将把OneDrive免费存储空间从15GB缩小到5GB,并取消15GB的额外相机胶卷空间。但随后遭到了强烈抵制,而微软也提供了一种方案,允许用户保留15GB免费存储空间外加15GB相机影片空间。但要达到这一目的,用户需要专门进行声明,而1月31日是确保自己的免费空间不受损失的最后一天。   为了确保自己不丧失15GB的免费空间,用户需要前往微软OneDrive网站的一个专门页面,点击“保留你的免费空间”,然后使用微软帐号登录后,便可看到系统提示。完成操作后,15GB免费存储空间和15GB相机影片空间才不会受到新政策的影响。   对免费OneDrive空间的调整是微软对云存储套餐整体调整计划的一部分。除了减少免费存储空间外,微软还将停止为Office 365家庭版用户提供无限空间,转而代之以1TB空间,同时终止100GB和200GB的OneDrive付费套餐,推出新的50GB套餐――每月价格为1.99美元。   微软当时表示,部分用户使用OneDrive备份大量数据是其减少套餐容量的重要原因。该公司表示,他们只是希望继续关注高价值生产力和协作体验,以便令多数OneDrive用户受益。   尽管微软为免费用户提供了保留现有空间的方案,但并没有为其他OneDrive付费用户提供类似的渠道。(书聿)相关的主题文章: