Central bank consultant Fang Gang we should not only push reform, regardless of growth, the RMB shou 云南河口吧

The central bank adviser Fang Gang: not only push the reform despite the growth of RMB should go down to the Xinhua News Agency Tokyo September 29th news (reporter Qian Zheng Yan Lei Xu margin) famous economist Fang Gang said in Tokyo before the date of application, the periodic view of Chinese economic fluctuations, the recent decline in private investment China phenomenon, one important reason is that the economy is in a cyclical trough. Since 2016, the growth of China’s private investment has been slow, with an increase of only 2.1% over the previous 8 months, and the growth rate is far below the growth rate of 8.1% of the total investment during the same period. This is rare in the last more than 10 years. In this regard, participated in the study China economic system reform of the twelfth session of the Beijing – Tokyo forum of national economic research institute director Fang Gang said in an interview with Xinhua in Tokyo, private investment slowdown with private enterprises related to capacity, but is not a direct result, because private enterprises in these years has been to capacity. An important reason for the decline in the growth rate of private investment is that China’s economy is in a cyclical low. In the period of low economic growth, coupled with some overcapacity problem has not been resolved, investment opportunities will naturally reduce, private investment will naturally slow down. Fang Gang said, to promote private investment, we need to eliminate institutional barriers, strengthen property rights protection, improve private enterprises investment confidence. For the relationship between China’s economic growth and structural reform, Fang Gang said, we can not just push the reform, regardless of economic growth. Without economic growth, many problems in China, such as employment, innovation and other issues can not be resolved, the progress of structural reform will be hindered. For the recent devaluation of the RMB issue, Fang Gang said that in recent years a large number of hot money speculation RMB, leading to the appreciation of the RMB, the current devaluation is precisely this correction. What’s more, the RMB exchange rate is pegged to a basket of currencies, both the pound and the euro in the basket are depreciated, and the Renminbi should also go down. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

央行顾问樊纲:不能只推改革不顾增长 人民币应该走低   新华社东京9月29日专电(记者钱铮 严蕾 许缘)著名经济学家樊纲日前在东京表示,应用周期性观点看待中国经济波动,中国近期出现民间投资下滑现象,一个重要原因是经济正处于周期性低谷。   2016年以来,中国民间投资增长缓慢,前8个月仅同比增长2.1%,增速远低于同期总投资8.1%的增速。这在近十多年间实属罕见。   对此,在东京参加第12届北京-东京论坛的中国经济体制改革研究会国民经济研究所所长樊纲接受新华社记者采访时说,民间投资增速放缓跟民营企业去产能有关,但并不是直接结果,因为民营企业这些年一直在去产能。导致民间投资增速下滑的一个重要原因是中国经济正处于一个周期性低谷。在经济增速较低时期,加上一些产能过剩问题没有解决,投资机会自然会减少,民间投资自然会放缓。   樊纲说,要促进民间投资,需要消除制度性障碍,加强产权保护,提高民营企业投资信心。   对于中国经济增长和结构改革的关系,樊纲说,不能只推改革,不顾经济增长。没有经济增长,中国很多问题如就业、创新等问题就没法解决,结构改革的推进也会受阻。   对于人民币近期贬值的问题,樊纲表示,前几年大量热钱炒作人民币,导致人民币升值,目前贬值正是对此的纠正。而且,目前人民币汇率盯住的是一篮子货币,篮子里的英镑和欧元都贬值了,人民币也应该走低。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: