IMF officials expect China’s housing prices to rebound 国立屏东教育大学

IMF officials expect that China’s housing prices will rise back, 6 days, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) official said, support China’s local government recently introduced the real estate market regulation and control policy, it is expected that China’s big cities housing prices will appear callback. Deputy director of the Asia Pacific IMF Marx · Rod Raul day in the Asia Pacific Economic Outlook press conference to answer Xinhua News Agency reporters said that the recent part of the big city China appeared by the rapid rise in prices is not sustainable, it is expected that these city housing prices will be rising. Recently, some local governments have introduced new real estate market regulation policies, including changing the mortgage loan regulations, etc. these macro prudential policies are appropriate to curb the excessive rise in housing prices. Rod Raul believes that in recent months China prices rise quickly, especially in some big city, this reflects the market factors of housing demand is greater than supply, on the other hand also reflects the local government earlier cancelled some purchase restrictions in response to the real estate market downturn, the bank issued a lot of housing mortgage loan. In the long run, Rod Raul suggested that the Chinese property tax, which is not only conducive to increase the local government revenue, but also conducive to better regulation of the real estate market, but from the real estate tax legislation to implement takes a long time, unable to cope with the short-term prices rise too. IMF Asia Pacific director Li Changyong said at a news conference on the same day, China’s short-term economic growth is still expected to be strong, if we continue to maintain the current growth momentum, IMF may need to increase the prediction of China’s economic growth of 6.6% this year. But he warned that the credit growth, the real estate market adjustment and the slow reform of state-owned enterprises may bring risks to the medium-term economic growth.

IMF官员预计中国房价涨幅将回调 国际货币基金组织(IMF)官员6日表示,支持中国地方政府近期出台的房地产市场调控政策,预计中国大城市房价涨幅将出现回调。 IMF亚太部副主任马克斯·罗德劳尔当天在亚太地区经济展望新闻发布会上回答新华社记者提问时说,近期中国部分大城市出现的房价过快上涨是不可持续的,预计这些城市房价涨幅将出现回调。近期一些地方政府已出台新的房地产市场调控政策,包括改变抵押贷款规定等,这些宏观审慎政策措施对于抑制房价过快上涨是合适的。 罗德劳尔认为,近几个月来中国房价涨势很快,特别是一些大城市,这一方面反映出住房需求大于供给的市场因素,另一方面也反映出地方政府早些时候取消了一些购房限制措施以应对房地产市场下滑,为此银行新发放了很多住房抵押贷款。 从长期来看,罗德劳尔建议中国征收房产税,这不仅有利于增加地方政府财政收入,也有利于更好调控房地产市场,但房产税从立法到实施需要较长时间,无法应对短期房价过快上涨问题。 IMF亚太部主任李昌镛当天在新闻发布会上表示,预计中国短期经济增长仍然强劲,如果继续保持目前的增长势头,IMF可能需要上调对今年中国经济增长6.6%的预测。但他同时警告,信贷增长过快、房地产市场调整和国企改革缓慢可能会给中期经济增长带来风险。相关的主题文章: