The first month of the new year when stock based debt based hedging show advantages 西安翻译学院是几本

The first month of the new year when stock based debt based hedge / Reporter Wang Peng full advantage, Yu Yong edited the first month of 2016 A shares showed a concussion, partial stock funds generally fell at the same time, it is more robust to the performance of bond funds. Data show that this year, the bond fund gains obviously occupy the advantage, as of January 28th, 50% bond funds have achieved positive returns, of which 13 funds yield more than 1%. If time stretches, bond funds perform better. Review the history, both the long red rose 2006 years to 2007 years, 2009 years, 2008 years, 2010 fell sharply, or the fluctuation of 2005, 2015, bond funds have received a positive return. The so-called bond fund, refers to not less than 80% of the assets invested in bonds, mainly to invest in treasury bonds, central bank bills and corporate bonds and corporate bonds with more than investment level, its investment target has relatively high security. Because the performance of the bond fund depends largely on the asset allocation and duration of the asset, it is particularly important for the fund managers to understand and understand the macroeconomic data, fiscal policy and monetary policy in the actual investment. In order to build stability and increased profits bonds as an example, from the point of view of investment strategies, the fund based on the "prudent investment", both "positive value", the excess income mainly from the fund manager of macroeconomic data, fiscal policy and monetary policy and other aspects of good ability to understand and grasp. Through active management of bond portfolio, the fund gains higher than the benchmark index on the basis of the steady growth of fund assets. As of January 28th, the fund rose by 38.6% in the past three years, surpassing the average level of 11.23 percentage points. Generally speaking, it is difficult for investors to analyze the investment strategy of a bond fund according to the position disclosed in the quarterly report or annual report. The better way is to observe whether the fund’s past performance is steady, whether it is more aggressive or golden in the market rise stage, and how much retracement in the market decline stage. For example, GF enrichment credit debt, fund managers on behalf of Yu in the operation attaches great importance to absolute returns, and strive to make the management of products at the premise of absolute risk control under win excess returns. From the past performance point of view, Dai Yu with the deep insight into China’s economic cycle trend and short cycle fluctuations, actively defend the market risk, keenly grasp the bond market structural investment opportunities, and achieved good investment results. Data show that GF enrichment credit debt over the past three years, two years and one year were up 39.67%, 46.98% and 18.78%, similar funds are among the first quarter of the camp. Overall, the industry pointed out that as a kind of low risk products, a bond fund will cater to some risk averse, robust investor demand; on the other hand, the investment of higher risk appetite and risk bearing ability of investors, can reduce the overall portfolio risk level through a combination of investment in bond funds, the IMF and other low-risk fund products, improve the liquidity of the portfolio, so as to obtain better returns. TH theory

股基新年首月遇挫 债基尽显避险优势   ⊙记者 王彭 ○编辑 于勇   2016年首月A股呈现大幅震荡,偏股型基金普遍遭遇重挫的同时,债券型基金的表现却较为稳健。数据显示,今年以来债券型基金的收益明显占据优势,截至1月28日,五成债券型基金获得了正收益,其中,有13只基金收益率超过1%。若将时间拉长,债券基金的表现则更为出色。回顾历史,无论是大涨长红的2006年至2007年、2009年,大幅下跌的2008年、2010年,还是震荡起伏的2005、2015年,债券型基金均获得了正收益。   所谓债券基金,是指把不低于80%的资产投资于债券,主要投向国债、央行票据和具有投资级别以上的企业债和公司债,其投资标的具有比较高的安全性。由于债券基金的投资业绩很大程度上取决于大类资产配置和债券久期,因而在实际投资中,基金经理对宏观经济数据、财政政策和货币政策等方面的理解和洞察力显得尤为重要。以建信稳定增利债券为例,从投资策略上来看,该基金在立足“谨慎投资”的基础上,兼顾“积极增值”,超额收益主要来自于基金经理对宏观经济数据、财政政策和货币政策等方面较好的理解和把握能力。该基金通过主动式管理债券组合,在追求基金资产稳定增长基础上获取高于基准指数的回报。截至1月28日,该基金近三年净值上涨38.6%,超越同类平均水平11.23个百分点。   一般来说,投资者很难根据季报或年报中披露的持仓情况来分析一只债券基金的投资策略。较好的方法还是观察基金过往的业绩是否稳健,在市场上扬阶段表现得较为激进还是中庸,以及在市场下跌阶段回撤幅度如何。例如广发聚财信用债,基金经理代宇在操作上高度重视绝对回报,力争使管理的产品在绝对风险可控的前提下博取超额收益。从过去的表现来看,代宇凭借对中国经济大周期趋势和短周期波动的深刻洞察,积极防御市场风险,敏锐把握债市结构性投资机会,取得了良好的投资效果。数据显示,广发聚财信用债近三年、两年和一年分别上涨39.67%、46.98%和18.78%,均位居同类基金前四分之一阵营。   总体而言,业内人士指出,作为一种低风险产品,债券型基金一方面会迎合一部分风险厌恶型、稳健型投资者的需求;另一方面,投资风险偏好较高、风险承受能力较强的投资者,可以通过对债券基金、货币基金等低风险基金产品进行组合投资来降低整体组合的风险水平,提高投资组合的流动性,从而获得更加理想的收益。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: