The influence of Gothic art on Western costume (Part Two) – Sohu 伍媚的扮演者

The influence of Gothic art on Western costume (Part Two) — gender differentiation of Sohu. Such as practical and luxurious Knight dress, it makes men’s clothing to the direction of masculine development. In the armed with the ladies of the Knights of the slender dress gradually formed the difference between men and women clothing appearance, aesthetic standard. Chimerism. Gothic dress and style of ancient Greece and Rome "undress" from sixteenth Century, is a transitional tights, and lay the foundation for a new century in style and tailoring, sewing process. Such as "clothing", that is, a multi layer cloth overlapping seam made of thick a clothing, tailoring clever, fit fit. Compatibility. It is fully inclusive and equitable, integrate ancient and modern, that dress, is a continuation of ancient Greece and Rome clothing, and incorporates many other design elements, style is messy, very special. Gothic dress has a strong oriental tone. Gothic, in literature, is used to describe bizarre and mysterious adventures in the dark, lonely places, such as the ruined castle. In music, Gothic Black face and dark human nature reflects the unique fascination with death, melody soothing and strong voice often showed depression, feeling gloomy. Gothic architecture reflects the feudal church’s pursuit of a mysterious atmosphere. Different areas of the same or similar aesthetic in contemporary Gothic clothing, also tend to be branded a mysterious, grotesque imprint, and is widely used in some dark tones or funny material. The Gothic costume in the long history of Western clothing far-reaching influence, but rarely attention. Gothic costumes in the history of Western clothing played a role, it inherited the aesthetic foundation of ancient Greece and Rome lay, join the pluralistic culture, in shape and color strong agitation. Gothic clothing has a profound significance to the development of Western clothing, it is difficult to imagine, without Gothic art, Western clothing will develop into what look like. To be sure, let us in the Western gothic dress clothing found religious color and architectural aesthetics, clothing and gender differences, let us appreciate the attention to context and process of interpretation of the human body tight style. Gothic dress also laid a solid foundation for the rigorous three-dimensional cutting method and molding solid modeling sewing techniques. Without Gothic clothing, the modern concept of western dress aesthetics would not exist. Please continue to pay attention to the coincidence network WeChat public platform account, every day we will bring interesting and interesting fashion knowledge and collocation suggestions. Marking "coincidence original" article, all content is coincidence network original, forwarding please explain the source, otherwise we will be held accountable.      

哥特式艺术对西方服饰的影响(下)-搜狐   性别分化。如实用又豪华的骑士服,它使男服向着男性化的方向发展。在骑士们的武装与女士们的纤纤衣裙中逐渐形成了男女服装   外观造型、审美标准的区别。      合体性。哥特式服饰样式与古希腊、古罗马的“宽衣式”相去甚远,是16世纪紧身衣的过渡,并为近世纪紧身风貌以及新的裁剪技术、缝制工艺打下基础。如“纳衣”,即为一 种多层布重叠纳缝制成的厚甲型衣服,裁剪巧妙、贴身合体。      兼容性。它兼容并蓄,融会古今、东西服饰,是古希腊、古罗马服饰的延续,又参合了许多其它设计元素,样式纷繁杂乱,极具特色。哥特式服饰中具有浓郁的东方情调。 在文学上,哥特式表现出来的是用以形容那些以黑暗寂寞地点(如荒废城堡)为背景的奇异、神秘的冒险故事。在音乐上,哥特式反映人性中黑色阴暗面以及对死亡独特的迷恋,旋律舒缓而强劲的声音经常表现出抑郁、阴沉之感。哥特式建筑则反映出封建教会追求神秘气氛的心态。      相同或相近的艺术审美存在于同时代的不同领域,哥特式服装也往往被烙上神秘、怪诞的印记,并被广泛运用在滑稽素材或某种阴暗色调里。而哥特式服装在漫漫历史长河中对西方服饰的深远影响,却很少被关注。哥特式服饰无疑在西方服饰发展史上起到了承上启下的作用,它传承了古希腊、古罗马所奠定的美学基础,加入多元的文化,在造型和色彩上强烈激荡。哥特式服装对西方服饰的发展有着深刻的意义,很难想象,没有哥特式艺术,西方服饰会发展成什么样子。 可以肯定的是,哥特式服饰让我们在西方服饰里找到了宗教色彩、建筑美学、服饰性别化差异,让我们领略到关注人体的紧身样式演绎的过程及其脉络。哥特式服饰还为严谨的三维立体裁剪方法及塑造立体造型的缝制工艺手法奠定了基础。如果没有哥特式服装,现代概念上的西方服饰美学将不存在。   请大家持续关注巧合网微信公共平台账号,我们每天都会为大家带来有趣有料的时尚知识和搭配建议。   标注“巧合原创”的文章,所有内容均为巧合网原创,转发请说明出处,否则我们会追究其责任。      相关的主题文章: