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Artificial intelligence prediction Leonardo will win the current Oscar movie "wild Hunter" sina science and technology Beijing time on February 29th morning news, Oscar prize is like throwing dice, but does not mean completely unpredictable. At least artificial intelligence systems do not accept this view. The artificial Intelligent Company Unanimous A.I. has just predicted the ownership of the 6 Awards this year. So who will be the big winner of the Oscar prize this year? Artificial intelligence prediction system, the best film of the year was awarded the "wild Hunter"; Leonardo Dicaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) will get it, get the best actor; best director award will be obtained by the film director Alessandro Inari map. The best actress will belong to the room Stallone Bri Larsen (Brie Larson), while Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) will become the best supporting actress; Stallone (Sylvester) is expected to get the best supporting actor. The secret behind the platform is the UNU algorithm, which allows users to use their own human intuition, emotion and sensibility within 30 seconds to draw conclusions." Hershman Danner of Unanimous A.I. (Dana Heshaman) said. Although it sounds like crowdsourcing, this group of artificial intelligence methods do not rely on polls and surveys to draw conclusions, but let the whole group "think together" and use their common knowledge and intuition to draw conclusions." In the end, it’s better to be a leader than to be a person. In order to predict the results of the Oscar prize, UNU used expert thinking from 50 participants who had different degrees of understanding of different awards and nominees. And Heshaman predicted that the prediction would be as accurate as Microsoft Bing’s prediction and experts’ spending several hours as well as hourly analysis data. It is worth mentioning that, from the "super bowl" gambling results, UNU performance exceeded 99% people. (Book Yu)

人工智能预测莱昂纳多将拿下本届奥斯卡 电影《荒野猎人》   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月29日上午消息,奥斯卡奖就像扔骰子,但并不意味着完全不可预测。至少人工智能系统并不认可这一观点。人工智能公司Unanimous A.I.就刚刚对今年的6个大奖的归属进行了一番预测。   那么谁会是今年奥斯卡奖的大赢家呢?   人工智能系统预测,今年的最佳影片得主是《荒野猎人》;莱昂纳多・迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio)终将如愿以偿,获得最佳男主角;最佳导演奖则会由该片导演亚历桑德罗・伊纳里图获得。   最佳女主角将归属于《房间》主演布丽・拉尔森(Brie Larson);而凯特・温斯莱特(Kate Winslet)则会成为最佳女配角;史泰龙(Sylvester Stallone)有望获得最佳男配角。   “背后的秘密在于平台的UNU算法,它可以在30秒之内让用户利用自己的人类直觉、情感和感受力得出结论。”Unanimous A.I.的丹纳・赫沙曼(Dana Hershman)说。   虽然这听起来有些像众包,但这种群体性人工智能方法并不依赖投票和调查来得出结论,而是让整个群体“一起思考,并利用他们共同的知识和直觉得出结论。”最终,集合众人所长要好于一个人的思考。   为了预测奥斯卡奖的结果,UNU使用了50名参与者的专家思维,他们都对不同的奖项和提名人有着不同程度的了解。而赫沙曼表示,这份预测结果与微软必应的预测以及专家花费好几个与小时分析数据的结果一样准确。   值得一提的是,从“超级碗”的赌球结果来看,UNU的表现超过了99%的人。(书聿)相关的主题文章: