ring white 18 karat gold inlaid 1 5 carats. 蚌埠学院专升本

Chanel SIGNATURE DE CHANEL Pierre jewelry series – Chanel presents the first Sohu tribute to the classic lozenge pattern Pierre jewelry series – " Signature de CHANEL". The plaid pattern is one of the most essential elements in Chanel’s creative vocabulary, inspired by Chanel’s favorite equestrian sport, especially in the horse racing field. During the sewing process, the plaid pattern is not easily deformed, so that Chanel ladies can use Jersey knitting, sheepskin and silk and other soft materials to make classic 2.55 handbags, and give them a clean, full and tough texture. " Signature Ulitme" Necklace White 18 karat gold inlaid with 1 1.5 carat bright cut diamonds, and 364 carat diamonds with a total weight of 25.42 carats. " Signature de Saphir" earrings, white 18 karat gold inlaid with 2 carat diamonds with a total weight of 12.8 carats; 26 diamonds with a total weight of 2 carats; 158 diamonds with a total weight of 4.5 carats; and 2 triangular cutting diamonds. " elegance lies in the line " it is a word that Chanel loves to write more smoothly and freely. Chanel senior jewelry creative workshop the design 48 Pierre new jewelry works show a geometric aesthetic, is not only complicated and of lozenge pattern interpretation, is the inspiration of this precious tribute. Every detail is delicate and exquisite, the pure line and the ultimate pursuit of simplicity is also the perfect interpretation of the Chanel style. This series of Pierre jewelry design is perfect and sense of line stereo fusion, with the ever-changing shape exquisite jewelry. Layered, complicated and difficult to deal with lines converge into the mesh, one covered on the surface of jewelry. " Signature de CHANEL" Pierre jewelry series smart lines like water, accompanied by moving, lingering in the neck, fingers or wrist, elegant and sensual, light and nimble. The diamond pattern is unique, and the outline of the inlaid diamond is exquisite and elegant. Azure gemstones and aquamarine add to the icing, and contrast with the dazzling brilliance of platinum and diamonds, glittering and magnificent. Grey mother of pearl, pearl inlaid, and crystal with beautiful elegance, but also reflect the essence of different approaches but equally satisfactory results of this series. " Signature de CHANEL" Chanel Pierre series is a perfect example of perseverance, new jewelry. Single product display " Signature de Saphir" Necklace White 18 karat gold inlaid diamond and pillow shaped Cut Sapphire " Signature de Saphir" ring white 18 karat gold inlaid 1 5 carats.

香奈儿臻品珠宝SIGNATURE DE CHANEL系列-搜狐   香奈儿呈献首个向经典菱格纹图案致敬的臻品珠宝系列―"Signature de CHANEL" 。菱格纹图案是香奈儿女士创作语汇中不可或缺的经典元素之一,其灵感汲取自香奈儿女士钟爱的马术运动,尤其是跑马场马童身着的制服。在缝制过程中,菱格纹图案不易变形,香奈儿女士也因此得以使用Jersey针织、小羊皮和真丝等柔软材质制作经典2.55手袋,并赋予它们挺廓、饱满以及坚韧的质感。 "Signature Ulitme"项链 白18K金镶嵌1颗1.5克拉的明亮式切割钻石,以及364颗总重25.42克拉的明亮式切割钻石。 "Signature de Saphir"耳环 白18K金镶嵌2颗总重12.8克拉的枕形切割蓝宝石,26颗总重2克拉的方形切割钻石,158颗总重4.5克拉的明亮式切割钻石,以及2颗三角形切割钻石。   "优雅在于线条"是香奈儿女士着力创作更加流畅自如的廓形时,总爱挂在嘴边的一句话。香奈儿高级珠宝创意工坊此次设计的48件全新臻品珠宝作品展现出唯美的几何线形,不仅是对菱格纹图案的纷繁演绎,更是向这份珍贵灵感的致敬之作。每一处细节都精致细腻,对纯粹的线条与简约的极致追求亦是对香奈儿风格的完美诠释。   这一臻品珠宝系列的设计,是线条感与立体感的完美融合,赋予珠宝变幻无穷的精巧造型。层层叠加,盘根错节的线条汇成网状,融为一体覆盖于珠宝表面。"Signature de CHANEL"臻品珠宝系列线条灵动似水,随行而动,萦绕于颈间、指间或腕间,优雅感性,轻盈灵巧。   菱形图案别具一格,镶嵌钻石的轮廓格外精巧雅致。天蓝宝石和海蓝宝石锦上添花,与白金和钻石的耀眼光辉形成视觉对比,瑰丽闪烁。珍珠、细工镶嵌的灰色珍珠母贝,以及水晶各具风华绮丽,但异曲同工又衬托出这一系列的精髓。   "Signature de CHANEL"系列是香奈儿臻品珠宝锲而不舍、革故鼎新的完美典范。   单品展示    "Signature de Saphir"项链 白18K金镶嵌钻石及枕形切割蓝宝石    "Signature de Saphir"戒指 白18K金镶嵌1颗5克拉的枕形切割蓝宝石,18颗总重2克拉的方形切割钻石,以及56颗总重1.1克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature de Saphir"手镯 白18K金镶嵌1颗10克拉的枕形切割蓝宝石,42颗总重3.2克拉的方形切割钻石,24颗总重1.4克拉的长阶梯形切割钻石,以及582颗总重10.6克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature Duo"臻品珠宝腕表 白18K金镶嵌668颗总重13.5克拉的明亮式切割钻石,高精确度石英机芯。    "Signature Duo"耳环 白18K金镶嵌82颗总重4.5克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature de Nacre"铐式手镯 白18K金镶嵌496颗总重20.3克拉的明亮式切割钻石,装饰以细工镶嵌的珍珠母贝。 "Signature de Nacre"戒指 白18K金镶嵌95颗总重1.4克拉的明亮式切割钻石,装饰以细工镶嵌的珍珠母贝。 "Signature Duo"戒指 白18K金镶嵌158颗总重2.6克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature White Tie"耳环 白18K金镶嵌2颗总重1克拉的枕形切割钻石,以及116颗总重3.3克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature d’Or"手镯 黄18K金镶嵌1054颗总重43.3克拉的明亮式切割钻石。    "Signature Dangling"项链 白18K金镶嵌195颗总重18.4克拉的明亮式切割钻石。 "Signature Acidulée"戒指 白18K金镶嵌1颗23克拉的蛋面切割海蓝宝石,以及216颗总重2.1克拉的明亮式切割钻石。相关的主题文章: