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Hong Kong media: the mainland department store closed frequent outlets is smooth sailing – Sohu financial   Hong Kong media said Oteri J quickly emerged in the mainland department store in the retail downturn in the struggle. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on August 24th, the industry reported that in the second half of 2016, the mainland will open at least 17 Oteri J. American Teachers Retirement Fund – Henderson Real Estate Company (TH estate) management in Asia, Europe and the United States nearly $100 billion in real estate, the Asia Pacific General Manager Chris? Riley said: "we believe that the effect of outlets than commercial street retail affected by changes in the market to be small. As far as supply and demand are concerned, they have a stronger foundation." Reported that the department stores in the mainland in recent years due to weak sales growth and profits fell hit, shopping malls since the collapse of the phenomenon has increased since 2015. However, the conditions for the strong growth of the discount mall industry seem to have matured. The first big developers outlets Co. Ltd. president Zhong Beichen said to the mainland population and spending power, factory outlet is relatively small, at present only 40, but the United States has 300. Zhong Beichen told the South China Morning Post reporter that the company aims to open Oteri J in more than 20 cities by 2020, and become the largest operator of outlets in the mainland. Discount stores, he says, are not affected by economic ups and downs, because they offer lower prices to customers. When the economy grows, people shop for good clothes; when the economy slows down, if people want to buy affordable luxury goods, discount stores will still be the first choice. The boom has attracted developers and investors. TH real estate set up a $850 million fund in the mainland, in Tianjin, Wuqing and Shanghai city opened two small towns Italy theme Oteri J. Riley said: "our target customers are families with annual income of more than 20 thousand dollars of Chinese people, this population is already the largest in the world.". With the rise of the middle class in China, we expect to double the number in the next 10 years." 港媒:内地百货商场频现倒闭 奥特莱斯却顺风顺水-搜狐财经       港媒称,奥特莱斯在内地迅速涌现,百货商场则在零售低迷局面中苦苦挣扎。   据香港《南华早报》网站8月24日报道,有业内报告称,2016年下半年内地将新开至少17家奥特莱斯。   美国教师退休基金会-亨德森房地产公司(TH地产)管理着亚洲、欧洲和美国的近1000亿美元地产,其亚太区总经理克里斯?赖利表示:“我们认为名品折扣店比商业街零售受市场变化的影响要小。就供需而言,它们的基础更牢固。”   报道称,内地的百货行业近年来因销售额增长乏力和利润下滑而饱受打击,商场倒闭现象自2015年以来日益加剧。   不过,折扣商城行业强劲增长的条件似乎已经成熟。奥特莱斯开发商首创钜大有限公司的总裁钟北辰说,以内地的人口数量和支出能力,工厂直销店还相对较少,目前仅40家,而美国有300家。   钟北辰告诉《南华早报》记者,该公司的目标是到2020年在20多个城市开办奥特莱斯,并成为内地最大的奥特莱斯运营商。他说,折扣商场可以不受经济盛衰的影响,因为它们向顾客提供的价位较低。当经济增长时,人们为了衣着光鲜而购物;在经济增长减速时,如果人们想买价格实惠的奢侈品,折扣店仍然会是首选。   这股热潮吸引了开发商和投资者纷至沓来。TH地产在内地设立了一个8.5亿美元的基金,在天津市武清区和上海市开办了两个意大利小镇主题奥特莱斯。   赖利表示:“我们的目标顾客是家庭年收入在2万美元以上的中国人,这个人群已经是世界上最大的。我们预计,随着中国中产阶层的崛起,其数量将在10年内再增加一倍。”相关的主题文章: