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Before the holiday is expected to rebound out of market competition of sina Hong Kong hot recruitment: 300 thousand bonus to your   Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client: speed Kanpan the most profitable investors in   surprised: intraday limit monitoring accuracy of 86.7% before the holiday is expected to rebound out of market, Western securities Wang Liang although there is no bad factors to too much, but the A shares last week is still a continuation of the previous decline, stock index fell below the continuous integer mark, and hit a low of 2638 points after adjustment, the plates are different degrees of decline, the overall market panic has been heating up. The author believes that although the current stock index is difficult to get rid of the weak pattern, but continued to fall sharply space may have been limited, with the emergence of some favorable factors, the stock market before the Spring Festival is expected to go out of a wave of rebound. From last week’s disk performance, the market is obviously lackluster, although after is not the lack of active species, but did not form a plate effect and the effect of making money, it is difficult to fully together to do more scattered hot popularity, with the index operation center to gradually reduce the market sell-off chips will continue to increase, leading to the sector downturn trend. On the one hand, subject to AH premium level always hovering around 140%, the financial heavyweights also difficult to stabilize, and also formed a negative drag on the index, while the pre once benefited from the supply side reform and performance of iron and steel has not formed the coal outlet, after all to inventory, production capacity is a long process, will the sustained rise difficulty. On the other hand, a variety of small and medium-sized sell larger efforts, lack of support for the performance of high valuation varieties continued to face the process to foam, all kinds of themes, the concept of plate after more than two years of speculation, the current valuation needs to return to a reasonable interval, which also determines the market value of small and medium-sized varieties in the short term is difficult to return to the strong pattern of a certain degree of popularity hit. Overall, the structure still exists obvious characteristics, between the small cap varieties trend still showed greater differentiation, the difference may be in the future for a long period of time will continue, the conversion between the 28 conversion plate is not simply a heavyweight and small record between the more likely performance for the high dividend rate, underestimate the value of blue chip stocks to get funds favor, while the high valuation bubble varieties will be abandoned by the market. From the stock index performance, although the current is still weak, but continue to panic is unnecessary, some favorable factors should not be ignored. First, exchange rate fluctuations as the key factors which lead to decline in the current round has started to ease, after continuous shot stable middle price in the central bank, after the devaluation trend temporarily reversed, is expected to have improved, at the same time as the China economy before the watch, HK dollar exchange rate to below 7.8, a stable exchange rate of the market to help to alleviate the overall market worries. Secondly, from the point of view of liquidity, after the central bank has stabilized the exchange rate, the regulatory center has once again returned to the domestic side. In order to cope with the possible financial tension during the Spring Festival, the central bank continuously injected liquidity into the market through open market operations, 1 views 节前有望走出反弹行情 新浪港股大赛火热招募:30万奖金等你来  新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   惊:盘中监控涨停 准确率达86.7%   节前有望走出反弹行情   ⊙西部证券 王梁幸      虽然没有太多的利空因素出现,但A股上周依然延续了此前的跌势,沪指连续跌破多个整数关口,并创出调整新低2638点,盘中各板块均有不同程度回落,市场整体恐慌情绪有所升温。笔者认为,尽管当前股指难以全面摆脱弱势格局,但继续大幅下跌空间可能已经较为有限,随着一些利多因素的出现,春节前股指有望走出一波反弹行情。   从上周盘面表现来看,市场显然乏善可陈,虽然盘中并不缺乏活跃品种,但并未形成显著的板块效应和赚钱效应,零星热点也难以全面凝聚做多人气,随着指数运行重心逐步降低,市场抛售筹码的意愿也不断提升,导致各板块走势低迷。一方面,受制于AH股溢价水平始终在140%左右徘徊,以银行为主的金融权重股也难以回稳,进而也对指数形成了负面拖累,而前期一度受益于供给侧改革而有所表现的钢铁煤炭并未形成风口,毕竟去库存、去产能是漫长的过程,也会使得上涨持续性难度加大。另一方面,中小创品种杀跌力度较大,缺乏业绩支撑的高估值品种面临持续的去泡沫过程,各类题材、概念板块在经历了两年多的炒作之后,当前估值需要回归合理区间,这也就决定了中小市值品种在中短期内难以重回强势格局,一定程度上对人气形成打击。整体来看,盘面依然存在较为明显的结构型特征,大中小市值品种走势之间仍表现出较大分化,这种差异性可能在未来很长一段时间内都会延续,板块之间的转换并不是简单的权重股和中小创之间的二八转换,更多可能会表现为高股息率、低估值的绩优股得到资金青睐,而高估值泡沫品种将被市场所遗弃。   从股指表现来看,虽然当前仍是弱势,但继续恐慌实无必要,一些利多因素并不该被忽视。首先,汇率波动作为导致本轮下跌的核心因素已经开始缓解,在央行连续出手稳定中间价之后,此前人民币贬值趋势得到暂时性扭转,预期也得到明显改善,同时作为中国经济的前哨岗,港币兑美元的汇率也回到7.8以下,汇率市场的稳定有助于缓解市场整体的担忧情绪。   其次,从流动性方面来看,央行在稳定了汇率之后,调控重心也再度回到国内方面,为应对春节期间可能出现的资金紧张局面,央行连续通过公开市场操作向市场注入流动性,1月以来累计净投放资金已经超过万亿,同时也表态将继续增加春节前后公开市场操作,并扩大短期流动性调节工具的参与范围,流动性充裕的状态无疑也有助于A股短期回稳。   第三,市场自身估值方面,上周破净股票数量已经达到60只左右,银行、钢铁成为破净的主要板块,煤炭、房地产板块也有部分品种股价跌破净资产。历史数据显示,当大量股票跌破净资产,同时“2元股”、“3元股”批量涌现时,基本是指数进入投资区域的重要信号,结合当前沪深300动态市盈率已经回落到10倍,沪指在13倍左右的估值水平分析,阶段性底部形成的概率正在加大。   综上,沪指在2700点附近继续大幅杀跌的概率不大,底部也往往在绝望中产生,与其继续悲观盲目杀跌,不如积极调整持仓结构,控制仓位在七至八成的基础上,一方面趁反弹减仓缺乏业绩支撑的题材、概念品种,另一方面,逢低介入分红比例高、业绩增长稳定的银行、地产、白酒、医药等低估值蓝筹品种。   (执业证书:S0800611010074) 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: