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Net transfer after the purchase of Nanjing second-hand housing industry called "surge" keep "wait and see" Nanjing Beijing 28, September (week Sihang Zhang Yao) between Nanjing 25 days after the introduction of restriction policy overnight, online crazy second-hand housing market is the seller took the opportunity to price increases, random increase phenomenon. 28, the reporter learned that, with the second-hand housing homeowners currently on the market, more choice is a "wait and see" attitude, dare greatly "price". In September 25th, the Nanjing municipal government issued the main city property purchase restrictions policy, made it clear that in the main city area, in Nanjing has 1 or more housing units, and non city residence households, not to purchase new housing and second-hand housing; with 2 sets and two sets in Nanjing residents family on the purchase of new housing, no new housing. Restrictions on new houses but not limited to second-hand housing, so that developers and investors to fight a great deal, while the sale and upcoming sale of the project will also be tested. But for the new second-hand housing market gap left by local people to buy second-hand housing is still no limit, then, overnight online crazy second-hand housing market took the opportunity to price increases, the seller random increase, anyway, the house buchoumai. "There is no Internet rumors before the crazy prices, homeowners from the registration information, the price is the same as before, only a few homeowners, at the time of purchase after second days, give us a call to the staff said the price high point, but is not much. So there are two or three homeowners." A real estate agent in Gulou District said. Compared to individual owners of second-hand housing to the price situation, the reporter learned that, with the second-hand housing homeowners currently on the market, more choice is a first to maintain a wait-and-see attitude, dare to action. Because the future of the market in the end, no one dare to determine. I love my house agent introduced, compared to the land before the auction of property listing, there is no obvious change. However, he told reporters that there is a very interesting phenomenon, after the purchase, he continued to receive a lot of second-hand housing owners currently hold a telephone call, they want to put in the hands of the house for sale now postponed for a period of time to sell. In the real estate website, many of the owner’s notes on the information, are written "external sale, showings at any time, but wait until December."". Some of them didn’t even have time to write, but they said it would take a while. In this regard, insiders said, first of all, the house is limit, then the future new home premium rate will be high, but this is in the secondary housing body is not reflected, second-hand housing will not be affected. Secondly, the price of land to give rise to the speed of housing prices, but this can not rely on second-hand housing, mainly by the new listing of new projects will be driven. So, in the short term to start with second-hand housing is indeed good, but the market can maintain for how long, this one who dare not assert. After all, it is not impossible for Nanjing to change its house price day by day. More exciting content, welcome to pay attention to WeChat public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).

网传限购后南京二手房“暴涨”业内称多保持“观望”中新网南京9月28日电(周思航 张遥)南京25日出台限购政策之后,一夜之间,网上疯传二手房市场存在趁机涨价,卖家胡乱加价现象。28日,记者了解到,目前市场上持有二手房的房主们,更多选择的是一个先保持“观望”的态度,不敢贸然大幅度“涨价”。9月25日,南京市政府出台了主城区的住房限购政策,明确表示在主城区范围内,在南京已拥有1套及以上住房的,且非本市户籍居民家庭,不得再购入新建商品住房和二手住房;拥有2套和两套以上住房的南京市户籍居民家庭,不得再新购新建商品住房。限新房却不限二手房,这样对开发商和投资客来说打击很大,同时在售和即将开售的项目也将受到考验。但是新政对二手房市场留下的缺口,本地人买二手房依旧是没有限制的,于是,一夜之间网上疯传二手房市场趁机涨价,卖家胡乱加价,反正房子不愁卖。“并没有网上传言的疯狂涨价,之前房主们过来登记的信息、价格还是和以前一样,只有个别的房主,在当时限购出来后第二天,给我们工作人员打了电话说想把价格加高一点,但是加的也不多。这样的房主也就最多两三个。”鼓楼区的一家房产中介经纪人说。相比极个别二手房房主的趁机涨价的情况,记者了解到,目前市场上持有二手房的房主们,更多选择的是一个先保持观望的态度,不敢轻易动作。因为未来市场到底走向如何,这个谁也不敢断定。我爱我家的房产经纪人介绍,相比土拍前的房产挂牌量,目前还没有很明显的变化。不过,他告诉记者,有这样一个现象很有意思,限购出来之后,他陆陆续续的接到很多目前持有二手房房主电话,他们打电话过来想把手里现在挂牌出售的房子推迟一段时间再对外出售。在房产网站,很多房主的备注信息上,都写着“对外出售,随时看房,但要等到12月份”。有的干脆连时间都没写,只说明了要等一段时间。对此,业内人士表示,首先,新房被限价,那么未来新房的溢价率肯定会很高,但是这一点在二手房身上却是体现不到的,二手房也并不会受到很大的影响。其次,地价赋予房价上涨的速度,但这并不能靠二手房,主要还是靠新楼盘新项目的上市才会带动的。所以,短期内对入手二手房确实是有利好的,但是市场能维持多久,这个谁也不敢断言。毕竟,南京房价一天一个变化也不是没有可能的。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: