due to the sharp rise in the European and American stock markets on the same day 东北财经大学教务处

New York gold 17, a slight rebound in stock – Sohu on 17 February, Xinhua news agency, Chicago (reporter Shao Li) after a day before the crash, the international price of gold rebounded slightly on the 17. New York Mercantile Exchange in April delivery of gold futures contract rose 3.2 U.S. dollars, to close at $1211.4 an ounce, or 0.26%. On the same day, the dollar’s exchange rate index against major currencies weakened, enabling gold futures denominated in dollars to be supported. However, due to the sharp rise in the European and American stock markets on the same day, the funds diverted from the gold market, gold prices closed only slightly higher. The United States announced a series of important economic data on 17. Among them, the United States, January manufacturing industrial output value chain growth exceeded market expectations; U.S. producer price index (PPI) rebounded unexpectedly, far higher than market expectations; in addition, the United States in January new residential construction continued to decline, less than market expectations. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the U.S. federal funds rate futures trading, as of 17, involved in the transaction of investors expected the Fed will raise interest rates this year the possibility is 51%, and up to 88% days ago. The other metals, silver futures for March delivery rose 4.3 cents to close at $15.377 an ounce, up 0.28%; platinum futures for April delivery rose $12.4 to close at $949.7 an ounce, or 1.32%. Author: Shao Li, Xinhua News Agency)

纽约金价17日小幅反弹-搜狐证券   新华社芝加哥2月17日电(记者邵莉)继前一日大跌之后,国际金价17日小幅反弹。纽约商品交易所4月交割的黄金期货主力合约上涨3.2美元,报收于每盎司1211.4美元,涨幅为0.26%。  当天,美元对主要货币的汇率指数盘中走软,使得以美元计价的黄金期货获得支撑。但是,由于欧美股市同一天大幅走高,从黄金市场分流了资金,金价收盘时仅小幅上涨。  美国17日公布了一系列重要经济数据。其中,美国1月份工业产值、制造业产值环比增幅均超出市场预期;同期美国生产价格指数(PPI)意外回升,远高于市场预期;此外,1月份美国新建住宅开工量继续下降,不及市场预期。  芝加哥商品交易所美国联邦基金利率期货交易显示,截至17日,参与该交易的投资者预计美联储今年不会加息的可能性为51%,而一天前还高达88%。  当天其他金属方面,3月交割的白银期货价格上涨4.3美分,收于每盎司15.377美元,涨幅为0.28%;4月交割的白金期货价格上涨12.4美元,收于每盎司949.7美元,涨幅为1.32%。  作者:邵莉来源新华社)相关的主题文章: