the Xinhua news agency Xinhua fund positions increased the overall market down under the environment 百鸟朝凤的意思

Various types of funds yield Pudie before the Spring Festival, the Xinhua news agency Xinhua fund positions increased the overall market down under the environment, various types of funds generally fell, the relevant data shows that in addition to the IMF last week was up and down all other types of fund. Insiders suggested that properly grasp the structural opportunities, robust investor can increase the bond fund allocation. Good buy fund research center data show that last week, in addition to the domestic currency funds rose 0.04%, other types of fund all fell, the stock fund fell 7.04%, hybrid and index funds fell 6.08% and 5.71%, closed with the decline in index funds were 1.79% and 0.80%; bond funds fell 0.41%; QDII the fund was down 0.50%. Shanghai securities analyst Liu Yiqian Fund believes that in January the domestic stock and bond market volatility in the background, various types of funds have suffered net losses, equity, hybrid funds led. With years of liquidity risk will be gradually released, the market is expected to usher in a rebound in the accumulation of favorable factors, we believe that the market outlook will be the main structure type." The Spring Festival approaching, the overall position of public fund has increased, but the mixed fund declined slightly. Good buy data show that last week the public fund positions increased public fund positions overall in a high level in history. Specifically, partial stock fund positions decreased 0.71%, 72.35% of the current position. Among them, the stock funds rose 0.28%, standard hybrid funds fell 0.79%, the current positions were 86.46% and 71.21%. The industry configuration, defense industry, non bank financial and transportation of three plates was raised gallon, while the media, computer and catering and tourism sector is gradually reducing public fund. Cathay Pacific Fund strategy report, after the steep decline in the field of quality related part of the company’s valuation has become more reasonable, the investment value will be part of the fast developing of quality targets. At present, many in line with the national health industry policy of the shares of listed companies to enter the long-term investment value of the region, medicine, food, environmental protection and sports entertainment sector especially. Good buy fund researcher Lei Xin suggested that investors in the near future to maintain a low position, the bond market as a whole for the better, robust investor can increase the bond fund allocation, also may be appropriate to focus on overseas high interest debt products. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

各类型基金收益普跌 春节前基金仓位上升   新华社电 市场整体下行的大环境下,各类型基金普遍收跌,相关数据显示,上周除货币基金微涨外,其余类型基金全部下跌。业内人士建议,适当把握结构性机会,稳健型投资者可加大债券型基金配置。   好买基金研究中心数据显示,上周国内除货币型基金微涨0.04%外,其余类型基金全部下跌,其中股票型基金下跌7.04%,混合型和指数型基金分别下跌6.08%和5.71%,封闭式与指数型基金跌幅分别为1.79%和0.80%;债券型基金下跌0.41%;QDII型基金跌幅为0.50%。   上海证券基金分析师刘亦千认为,在1月国内股债市场震荡的背景下,各类型基金均遭遇净值亏损,股票型、混合型基金领跌。“随着年后流动性风险逐渐释放,市场将有望在利好因素累积下迎来反弹,我们认为后市行情将以结构型为主。”   临近春节,公募基金整体仓位有所上升,但是其中混合基金小幅下降。好买数据显示,上周公募基金仓位上升,公募基金仓位总体处于历史中位偏高水平。具体来看,偏股型基金仓位下降0.71%,当前仓位72.35%。其中,股票型基金上升0.28%,标准混合型基金下降0.79%,当前仓位分别为86.46%和71.21%。行业配置方面,国防军工、非银金融和交通运输三个板块被公募加仓,而传媒、计算机和餐饮旅游板块被公募基金逐渐减持。   国泰基金策略报告显示,急跌之后部分相关领域的优质公司估值已经趋于合理,部分优质标的的投资价值将会快速显现。目前很多符合国家大健康产业政策的上市公司股票进入长期投资价值区域,医药、食品、环保和娱乐体育板块尤甚。   好买基金研究员雷昕建议,投资者近期可以保持低仓位,当前债市整体向好,稳健型投资者可加大债券型基金配置,也可适当关注海外高息债类产品。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: