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The HIIT practice of exploding your friends circle allows you to lose weight without dieting! Introduction: HIIT practice method of blasting friends circle allows you not to diet, but also thin! Take ten minutes before bedtime. Quick fat burns depends on it! Source: the HIIT practice of fashion COSMO friends circle lets you lose weight without dieting! You don’t know if you’ve heard of HIIT exercises all the time For that was crazy, fat burning training scraper! More than ten minutes of the whole set of action, the novice must not insist on it! So intimate Xiaobian compiled for you the most suitable for the novice’s nine movements, ten minutes a day before sleeping carefully, fast burning fat rely on it! Action 11, standing, legs open and shoulder width, hands holding ears. Leg turn waist, knees and the other side of the elbow bump. Action 22, legs open and shoulder width, hands stretched upward. Curved legs to the inside kick, and know the hand arm down and the other side of the leg ankle together. 33, open the legs slightly wider than the shoulder, his hand clenched arm lift, hip rotation. Pay attention to the lower part of the body! 44, his hand clenched arm placed in the chest to do like to kick boxing. Action 55, stand straight, arms naturally placed side, lift one leg forward kick, and then swing to the rear side. Action 66, open and close jump, although it sounds simple, but attention must be large action range! And it must be done for a minute! Action 77, deep squat kick. Pay attention to the knee, not to the toes, otherwise, the squat is harmful to the knee! Action 88, push up. More than ordinary women push up the move around, more exercise to the muscles. 99, strengthen edition crunches, leg and swing in the ordinary abdomen join crunches in action, let the fat burning effect is more obvious. As long as you can exercise carefully according to the above actions, you will find that the muscles become tight in one month! Remember never to lose weight on a diet!

刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!   导读:刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!睡前十分钟时间认真做,快速燃脂全靠它啦!来源:时尚COSMO 刷爆朋友圈的HIIT练习法 让你不节食也能瘦!   成天抱怨没时间锻炼的你,不知道有没有听说过HIIT练习?对,就是那个被刷屏的疯狂燃脂训练!整套动作的十几分钟新手肯定坚持不下来!于是贴心的小编为你整理出最适合新手的九个动作,每天睡前十分钟时间认真做,快速燃脂全靠它啦! 动作1   1、站立,双腿打开与肩同宽,双手抱耳。抬腿转动腰部,使膝盖与另一侧肘部相碰。 动作2   2、双腿打开与肩同宽,双手向上伸直。曲腿向内侧踢,同时胳膊下放知道手部与另一侧腿部踝关节相碰。 动作3   3、双腿打开比肩部略宽,双手握拳曲臂抬起,转动臀部。注意下半身不动哦! 动作4   4、双手握拳曲臂放置在胸前做拳击状,向上踢腿。 动作5   5、站直,双臂自然放置身侧,抬起一侧腿向前踢然后摆动至后侧。 动作6   6、开合跳,虽然听起来简单,但是注意动作幅度必须要大哦!以及,一定做满一分钟哦! 动作7   7、深蹲踢腿。注意膝盖不要超过脚尖,否则深蹲是伤害膝盖的哦! 动作8   8、俯卧撑。比一般的女士俯卧撑多了左右移动的动作,更能锻炼到肌肉。 动作9   9、加强版卷腹,在普通卷腹动作中加入抬腿和摆动腹部的动作,让燃脂效果更明显。   只要能够按照以上的动作认真练习,一个月后你就会发现全身的肌肉变得紧实了!记住千万不要节食减肥哦!相关的主题文章: