rose above 95.15 山东化工职业学院

Li Yingchen: non US currencies across the board weaker Australian dollar fund exposure Sina Taiwan: the steep slope of the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The dollar index rebounded strongly from the lows: the United States refers to the upside. On the daily chart, the shock rhythm continues, and the price continues to revise the fall ahead. 4 hours chart, the price is subject to suppression of the average system, below the support line at 94.05, is expected in the United States that are still further challenge this price risk. Hour chart, the main trend turned upward, but due to the current secondary rhythm adjustment before construction, rose above 95.15, call the United States that are still need to be cautious. European currency: strong downward adjustment of the euro. Daily chart, the exchange rate is located above the average moving system, to maintain the previous gradual rebound from the low trend. The 4 hour chart, although the collection of solid line, but because of relatively small decline, the overall still maintained the euro rally. The hourly chart, and failed to smooth exchange rate falling below 1.1225 of the Dow point support, the current bull momentum to show the impact force, expects the euro again high of 1.1365 line probability. Pound sterling short term downward adjustment, but not too much. Daily chart, the price is still in the interior of the big shock range, the average system suppressed bit punctured slightly. 4 hours chart, the recent strong kinetic energy alternating rhythm is more frequent, before the interval is broken, is expected to continue to consolidate the trend of sterling. Hourly chart, the downward strength of the exchange rate is strong, the obvious support below 1.3250, below the region can punch further down space. Commodity currencies: Australian dollar, Australian dollar, short term decline momentum is extremely rapid. On the daily chart, due to the previous rise in amplitude, the wave did not have a big impact on the current rally. 4 hours chart, K line continuously collect two entities big Yin, the supporting role of the average moving system is still intact. Hour chart, Dow lows support 0.7650 is slightly punctured, the market outlook is still weaker risk, today there is a game the opportunity to go short, stop in 0.7700, target 0.7540. Asian currencies: the United States and Japan rebounded again after a short period of consolidation. The daily chart, after a slight decline slightly Chonggao again picking up momentum, the average system suppression position had been slightly punctured. The 4 hour chart, the exchange rate fell momentum fierce, because no recent strong support, is expected to beat Japan will continue to weaken the. Hour chart, secondary rhythm adjustment construction failure, attention in 101.50, if the dollar again hit this bit can be considered Ogura short or to wait and see. On the whole, the short-term non US currencies have shown some downward momentum, and we can pay due attention to the pound and the Australian dollar today. Key financial data and hot events: 19:45 Boston Fed President Rosengren at a breakfast meeting with the economic forecast activities speech 16:30 UK July merchandise trade account, before the value of -124.1 million pounds of 20:30 Canada, the unemployment rate in August, 20 on the previous value of 6.9%

李映辰:非美货币全线转弱 澳元下跌斜率陡峭 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   美元指数:   美指自低位强力反弹上攻。日线图上看,震荡节奏仍然延续,价格继续对前方的下跌进行修正。4小时图,价格受制于均线系统的压制,下方支撑在94.05一线,预计美指仍有进一步挑战此价格的风险。小时图,主趋势转为向上,但由于目前的次要节奏调整构筑一般,在升破95.15之前,看涨美指仍需谨慎。   欧系货币:   欧元强力下行调整。日线图,汇价位于均线系统的上方,保持此前自低位逐步反弹的走势。4小时图,虽然收出实体阴线,但由于下跌幅度相对不大,欧元整体的涨势仍然保持。小时图,汇价的下落并未能顺利跌破1.1225的道氏点支撑,目前多头动能重新展现,预计欧元重新发力冲击1.1365高点一线的概率较大。 英镑   英镑短线连续下行调整,但幅度不大。日线图,价格仍处于大震荡区间的内部,均线系统的压制位被小幅刺破。4小时图,最近的强动能交替节奏较为频繁,在区间被突破之前,预计英镑仍将延续盘整走势。小时图,汇价的下行力度较强,下方明显的支撑在1.3250,跌破此区域后方可打卡进一步的下跌空间。   商品货币: 澳元   澳元短线的下跌势头无比迅猛。日线图上看,由于此前的上涨幅度较大,此波下行并未对目前的涨势造成太大的影响。4小时图,K线连续收出两根实体大阴,均线系统的依托作用仍然保持完好。小时图,道氏低点支撑0.7650被小幅刺破,后市仍有走弱的风险,今天存在博弈做空的机会,止损放在0.7700,目标0.7540。   亚洲货币:   美日经过短线的盘整之后再度反弹冲高。日线图,小幅小幅冲高之后再度拾得下跌动能,均线系统的压制位此前被小幅刺破。4小时图,汇价的下跌势头威猛,由于近期并无强劲支撑,预计美日仍将以继续走弱的节奏运行。小时图,次要节奏调整构筑失败,关注101.50,汇价若重新触及此位可考虑小仓做空,否则以观望为主。   综合来看,短线非美货币重新展现出一定的下跌动能,今天可适当关注英镑和澳元。   重要财经数据及热点事件:   19:45波士顿联储主席罗森格伦在一项早餐会与经济预估活动中发表讲话   16:30英国7月商品贸易帐,前值-124.1亿英镑   20:30加拿大8月失业率,前值6.9%   20:30加拿大8月就业人数变动,前值-3.12万   20:30加拿大8月全职就业人数,前值-7.14万   22:00美国7月批发库存月率,前值0.0% 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: