even though there was no significant setback in the employment figures. In this environment 利马传奇

Deutsche Bank: how do Australian dollar dollars trade heavy employment data? FX168 hearing Beijing time on Thursday (February 18th) 08:30, Australia January employment data will soon be released, the mainstream market is expected to believe that the Australian seasonally adjusted unemployment rate will remain at 5.8% level, the employment population in January will increase by 13 thousand, 1. Deutsche Bank believes that there is enough reason to continue shorting the Australian dollar for Data Trading opportunities". "Our economists predict that 15 thousand new jobs will maintain the unemployment rate at 5.8%, which is in line with the median expectations of the market," the bank wrote in the data and currency outlook report. The current employment survey data is difficult to make optimistic outlook, but most of the market will result in a more unexpected response to the outcome of vulnerable accidents. Over the past 1 years, the Aussie dollar has been more sensitive to bad news than bullish news, especially in response to the unemployment rate. The unexpected decline in the unemployment rate needs to be boosted by a strong employment growth to boost the Australian dollar. But on the contrary, the unexpected increase in unemployment rates easily hit the Australian dollar, even though there was no significant setback in the employment figures. In this environment, the Australian dollar bulls need strong support to attack together, especially when the market clearance is almost complete, and the Australian dollar’s downside will no longer be restricted. Our short term model shows that the Australian dollar’s fair value is 0.68, and the model incorporates global risk and trade considerations. In the medium term, we are still keeping the end of the year going down to 0.60. However, from the short-term pattern of the exchange rate, the overnight market trend is strong, although the previous exchange rate fell from 0.7182, but the exchange rate has been restored to the front. As long as hold 0.706570 important support, the exchange rate does not rule out the possibility of breaking through 0.7200 again, closing will open the upward short-term strong. However, in the long run, technical analysis shows that the risk of the Australian dollar is significantly downward, and the target is to see the 2004 low of 0.6774; the main support of the exchange rate is 0.6920, and then the recent low point of 0.682829. Beijing time 7:28, Australian dollar 0.7170. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

德意志银行:澳元 美元如何交易重磅就业数据?   FX168讯 北京时间周四(2月18日)08:30,澳大利亚1月就业数据即将重磅出炉,市场主流预期认为澳洲1季调后失业率将维持在5.8%的水平,1月就业人口将增加1.3万。   对于数据蕴含的交易机会上,德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)认为“有足够的理由继续做空澳元 美元”。   该行在数据和汇市展望报告中写道:   我们的经济学家预计,1.5万个新增就业岗位将维持失业率在5.8%的水平,这也符合市场中值预期。目前获取的就业调查数据很难让人产生乐观展望,不过市场多半会对弱势意外结果形成更为突兀的回应结果。   过去1年来,相比利多消息,澳元 美元显然对利空消息更为敏感,尤其是兑失业率数据的反应。   失业率的意外下滑需在就业增长强势的配合下才能提振澳元。但相反,失业率的意外提升则轻易对澳元构成打击,即便就业数据没有出现明显的倒退。   结合此种环境,澳元多头需要有很强的理由支持才会一并出击,尤其是市场净空头已几乎完全立场的情况下,澳元的下行空间将不再受到相关限制。   我们的短期模型显示,澳元 美元的公允价值在0.68,模型纳入了全球风险和贸易考量。从中期来看,我们依旧维持汇价年底跌至0.60的预判。   不过从汇价短线格局来看,隔夜市场走势强劲,尽管此前汇价自0.7182下跌,但汇价已恢复正面。只要守住0.7065 70重要支持,汇价不排除再次突破0.7200的可能,收盘于其上将开启向上的短线强势。   然而从长远来看,技术分析显示,澳元 美元的风险明显偏下行,且目标看向2004年低点0.6774;汇价的主要支撑位为0.6920,然后为近期低点0.6828 29。   北京时间7:28,澳元 美元报0.7170。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: