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German Commercial Banks: the price of the future price trend is not clear global foreign exchange in February 19th — the German commercial banks (Commerzbank) Thursday (February 18th) said in the report, Iran’s oil minister Zanganeh statement that Brent crude oil prices rose 7%, Nymex crude oil rose 6%. The bank said, Zanganeh said Iran welcomes the agreement reached between the OPEC and non OPEC countries, although the Zanganeh statement to support oil prices, but for how to participate in Iran did not give a clear direction. After Iran officials said that Iran would only reach the level before the sanctions after freezing production, therefore, if Iran does not participate in, whether the Saudis will keep the promise will be very doubtful. The bank believes that Wednesday the rise in oil prices is very weak foundation, from the beginning of the end of 12, the price of crude oil has been in large fluctuations, which shows the future oil price uncertainty, there is no clear evidence to show that the trend of the price in the future. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

德国商业银行:油价未来价格趋势不明确   环球外汇2月19日讯–德国商业银行(Commerzbank)周四(2月18日)在报告中表示,伊朗石油部长Zanganeh的声明使得布伦特原油价格大涨7%,Nymex原油也大涨6%。      该行表示,Zanganeh表示伊朗欢迎OPEC和非OPEC国家之间达成协议,尽管Zanganeh的发言对油价有所支撑,但对于伊朗怎样参与却没有给出明确的指向。此前伊朗官员的发言称,伊朗只愿意在达到制裁之前水平后冻结产量,因此,如果伊朗不参与,沙特是否会信守承诺将是很值得怀疑。   该行认为,周三油价的上涨是基础非常薄弱的,从12月末开始,原油价格就一直处在很大的波动中,这表明了油价未来的诸多不确定性,目前没有任何明确的证据来表明未来价格的趋势。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: