vinegar and other main products and spices with caramel color based food additives series thousand Wo flavor industry on Wednesday to purchase 黑龙江公安警官职业学院

Four new shares open to pay attention to the shadow stock opportunities – Sohu securities A shares will open again "free lottery" mode. In accordance with the issuance arrangements, new easy Sheng and other four new shares will be purchased from Tuesday onwards, playing a new family will usher in a new feast again. Data show that from Tuesday to Friday, every trading day will have a new stock for investors to purchase. Specifically, the main light module R & D, production and sales of new esunny on Tuesday to purchase, the related stock movements price 21.47 yuan shares, starting a total of about 19 million 400 thousand shares, the issue price earnings ratio is about 18.58 times, a 51.09 times lower than the industry price earnings ratio. With soy sauce, vinegar and other main products and spices with caramel color based food additives series thousand Wo flavor industry on Wednesday to purchase, the estimated issue price of 9.19 yuan shares. The main production and sales of bathroom accessories products R & D, the ruierte on Thursday issued its purchase, a total of 40 million shares, estimated issue price of approximately 16.58 yuan shares. Stellite is this week the last purchase of new shares, the prospectus shows Stellite professional X X-ray contrast agent, quinolones drugs such as pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates research and development, production and sales, the total issued 30 million shares, estimated issue price of approximately 12.15 yuan shares. In accordance with the classification of listed companies, Hong Kong and thousands of Xiang flavor industry intends to land the Shanghai Stock Exchange, while the new Yi Sheng is expected to land on the gem, which will enter the Shenzhen stock exchange. According to rough estimate, the investors who want to buy the top lattice should have the value of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock with 120 thousand -19 yuan. "Investors with new qualifications to buy as much as possible, under the low price issue model, once the ballot will get high returns." Huatai Securities (601688), an investment manager said. At the same time, the investment manager also reminded investors to pay attention to T+2 day, beware of wealth missed. In addition, there are brokerage analysts believe that investors in the new, but also concerned about the new shares of shadow stock investment opportunities. Such as thousand Wo flavor industry to Wen’s shadow stock shares (300498), the shadow of shares as the Stellite Qianjiang water resources (600283), with the listing of new shares, these shadow shares may have some investment opportunities.

四只新股明起申购 关注影子股机会-搜狐证券   A股将再度开启“免费抽奖”模式。按照发行安排,新易盛等四只新股将从周二起陆续申购,打新族将再度迎来打新盛宴。   数据显示,从本周二一直到周五,每个交易日都将有一只新股供投资者申购。   具体来看,主营光模块研发、生产和销售的新易盛在周二申购,其发 相关公司股票走势 行价为21.47元 股,首发共计约1940万股,对应的发行市盈率约为18.58倍,大幅低于51.09倍的行业市盈率。   以酱油、食醋等为主的调味品产品和以焦糖色为主的食品添加剂产品系列的千禾味业则在周三申购,其预估发行价为9.19元 股。   而主营卫浴配件产品研发、生产与销售的瑞尔特则在周四申购,其发行总数为4000万股,预估发行价约为16.58元 股。   司太立则是本周最后一只申购的新股,招股书显示司太立专业从事X射线造影剂、喹诺酮类抗菌药等药物的原料药及中间体的研发、生产及销售,其发行总数为3000万股,预估发行价约为12.15元 股。   按照拟上市地分类,司太立和千禾味业拟登陆上交所,而新易盛则拟登陆创业板,瑞尔特将登陆深交所。根据粗略估算,拟顶格申购的投资者,需配备12万-19万元不等的沪、深市值。“具备打新资格的投资者尽量申购,低价发行模式下一旦中签将获得高额收益。”华泰证券(601688)一位投资经理如是说。与此同时,该投资经理还专门提醒投资者注意T+2日缴款,谨防与财富失之交臂。此外,还有券商分析师认为,投资者在打新的同时还可以关注新股影子股的投资机会。诸如千禾味业的影子股为温氏股份(300498),司太立的影子股为钱江水利(600283),随着新股的上市,这些影子股可能存在一定的投资机会。相关的主题文章: