according to the Japanese research company MM research institute introduction 江汉大学是几本

Japanese media: iPhone last year in sales fell for the first time on the U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest quotes San Francisco stocks 21 morning, according to the Japanese research company MM research institute introduction, 2015 apple iPhone in Intelligent Mobile phone Japan’s sales of 1473 million, compared with the previous year significantly reduced 10.6%. This is the first year-on-year decline in iPhone’s sales since entering the Japanese market in 2008. The main reason is the last autumn sale of the new models is poor, after sweeping growth myth began to cast a shadow. Including previous models of mobile phone market share, iPhone still overwhelmingly 41.2% occupy the first place, but the proportion of the 43.1% decreased compared to 2014. Due to excessive discount of Ministry of internal affairs requires the operator to adjust the intelligent mobile phone, MM Research Institute predicted that: "before the user to replace the mobile phone operators to buy iPhone has much to offer, the future of its sales and market share may be further reduced." Apple launched new models of "6S" and "6S Plus" in September 2015". Shooting high quality 4K video is its distinctive feature. But compared with the 2014 launch of the big screen models, the new model of the improvement is not prominent, so did not cause a large number of users to replace models. In the iPhone sales decline at the same time, SONY and other Japanese domestic brands equipped with Google operating system "Android" mobile phone sales of 12 million 850 thousand, up 15% over the previous year. In the market share, SONY and SHARP ranked second and third respectively by 13.9% and 11.9%. Due to the basic popularity of smart phones, the overall sales saturation, sold a total of 27 million 580 thousand, down 0.4%. (finish) (source: Bloomberg) editor in chief: Ji Yan

日媒:去年iPhone在日销量首次同比下滑 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间21日凌晨,据日本调查公司MM综研介绍,2015年美国苹果公司智能手机iPhone在日本的销量为1473万部,与上年相比大幅减少了10.6%。这是iPhone在2008年进入日本市场以来销量首次同比下滑。主要原因是去年秋天发售的新机型销势不佳,此前势如破竹的成长神话开始蒙上了阴影。   在包含以往机型的移动电话市场份额中,iPhone仍以41.2%的压倒性优势占据首位,但与占比43.1%的2014年相比有所下降。由于总务省要求运营商对智能手机的过度折扣进行调整,MM综研预测称:“以前用户更换手机运营商购买iPhone时有很大的优惠,今后其销量和市场份额可能进一步减少。”   苹果在2015年9月发售了新机型“6s”与“6s Plus”。可拍摄高画质的4k视频等是其显著特征。但与2014年推出的主打大屏幕的机型相比,新机型的改进并不突出,因此没能引发大量用户更换机型。   在iPhone销量下降的同时,索尼等日本国产品牌搭载美国谷歌操作系统“安卓”的手机销量为1285万部,比上年增长15.0%。市场份额中,索尼和夏普分别以13.9%与11.9%位列第二和第三。   因智能手机基本普及,整体销量出现饱和,共售出2758万部,下降了0.4%。(完)   (来源:彭博社) 责任编辑:吉言相关的主题文章: